have one of those moments where people present you with the perfect setup
for the perfect joke and you deliver the perfect punchline flawlessly which
causes everyone to erupt with laughter for the next few minutes in an instance
that will be remembered for the rest of your life and the same for everyone
else there?  Well, I did that today.  That was many hours ago and I’m still
feeling very proud of myself for that.

The short version of this story is that there is a group of us Geeks/CyberLuvas
get together on Friday night for some good Role Playing Games.  This time
we opted not to play any games and go to Shake and Steak, a 24-hour hamburger
joint. We had most of the usual crowd and one newbie.  Well, this newbie
apparently didn’t know his place, because in the middle of all of us talking
about the great movies that are out now and how awesome Spiderman was, he
blurted, “That movie totally….SUCKED!  It was horrible!”  And then proceeded
to tell us all the minute details that he saw flaws in.  At first, we were
open minded because some of the CGI was sketchy, but overall, it was a great
movie.  But he wouldn’t let up.  We then sensed an issue more fundamental
than this newbie’s disdain for the movie…so we probed.  “What did Stan
Lee (creator of Spiderman) do to you?”  “What happened to you when you were
a kid?”  “Did Stan Lee take your lollipop when you were young?”  “Did he
abuse you as a kid?”

At which point, I command the presense of the entire table by putting
my hand out towards him as if I’m holding something and ask, “Show me on
the doll where he touched you!!!!”


That’s pretty much where I went blank, folks.  All I remember from then
to minutes later was the entire table roaring with laughter and waving our
arms around hystarically.  We were probably making fools out of ourselves,
and earning us a place on the “Not allowed back in” list, but we didn’t care. 
Life was too good.  And for the rest of the night, if someone got too wilded
up, I’d put them in their place by asking the same question.  It was a grand
occasion that will stick in all of our memories for the rest of our lives.

If you don’t get it…don’t worry.  It was probably one of those moments where you would have to have been there.

My friend Lee who was there also has another account of the story.

And I made a Southpark version of my alter ego Disco Stu.  You can make your own character.

Southpark Disco Stu: