had one of those days where everything went your way? Where you were on
top of the world? It seemed like for 24 hours, your guardian angel was the
cream of the crop? And then it his 12:01, the next day, and his/her shift
was over?

On Friday, I had a truly extraordinary day. I got figured out A LOT regarding
perl, Makefile and installing libraries on my UNIX system at work, without
having root access. Go me. 🙂 Then, I got a call from a girl who asked
me out! Woah! Don’t get much better, than that, right? Well, I then went
to play disc golf with my best friend Lee
and then I sank an 85 foot putt! (Quite an amazing feat, I will say.) After
celebrating at one of our favorite restaurants, Chipotle, we went to CD Warehouse
and I bought music from a band I’ve been wanting for a long time. Oingo Boingo.
And on the way home, a really great girl who I think is the total bomb, called
and wanted to hang out. I did the Snoopy Dance of Joy as soon as I got off
of the phone with her.

When she came over we chatted, and watched “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back“. Kevin Smith is one hell of a director, and we both enjoyed the movie. A woman who can hang with Jay and Silent Bob says a lot to me. Anyway, the universe was at my every command. Muhahahaha!

And as far as I can figure, at 12:01, all of that changed. What happened
is that I licked her. Now before your mind goes south with that, I want
you to know that it was just on the cheek. It is what I call a Snoopy Kiss.
Remember how Snoopy would lick Lucy and then she would go around screaming,
Dog Germs! I’ve been touched by Dog Lips!”
Well, she didn’t run around like Lucy did, but at that point, the evening
was over. Nor have I heard back from her. Lesson learned.

So, boys and girls, what’s the moral of the story? For the Love of God,
don’t Snoopy Kiss someone until you’ve reached “that point” in the relationship.
Even then…wait a few months. Commit that to memory.

Here’s Lee’s account of the event:

keep telling people that I haven’t been up to much lately; however, as I’ve
just finished writing an email to a good old friend of mine, Tino Dai, I
realized that I’ve got a lot to talk about, but I keep forgetting.  So, I’ll
list it out here so that I’ve got a point of reference.  It’s mostly small
victories, but ones that really please me.

  • I love my plastic car.  I think that Saturn did themselves well when
    making my car.  I’ve put it through so much tortue and tight turns that when
    I took it to the dealership to get it aligned, they said that they’ve never
    seen a car that askew before.  Anyway, the point I want to make is that I
    got something for it that has me back in love with it.  A CD-MP3 player. 
    Now, on 1 CD, I can store 12 hours of music, all at CD-quality.  I’m not
    sure if I can easily convey how joyous it is to be able to carry almost your
    entire CD collection in about 5 CD’s.  God Bless Technology
  • I am currently transistioning roommates.  I’m looking forward to
    rooming with “Mr. Sushi Matt”, who has gained this title after professing
    his love for Sushi on a cruise we went on a while back.  I also think that
    with Mr Sushi Matt, (and soon George) we will turn my house into the ultimate
    bachelor/gaming pad.  We will have a PS2, Dreamcast, X-Box and GameCube. 
    And after I’ve built up some extra funding, HOT TUUUUBBB!!!! (And maybe tommystubcam.com
    for those in waiting. :)  )
  • I’ve taken up a really cool hobby of Disc Golf.  This is a sport which I had seen before, but never played.  Thankfully to my good friends at the Nejdl and Gibson
    house, I have been properly introduced to this new sport and quite enjoy
    it.  I even went out and bought myself 3 discs.  One of which “migrated”
    to the river on the first shot on the first hole of it’s existance in my
    hands…never to be seen again.  The other went into the river, rescued…later
    to be found nesting in the highest branches of a really tall tree.  My putting
    disc has been faithful and fairly accurate in homing in on the “hole”.  Good
    Disc.  I’m still a bit bitter about the course,
    but the last time I was there, I did much better and didn’t sink a single
    disc, and in fact came out one ahead after picking one out of the river.  That
    first time must have been some bad juju. 
  • An amusing story:  Every Friday night, a bunch of us geeks get
    together and play Role Playing Games and partake in some light drinking and
    an occassional movie.  This is the same Show us on the doll where he touched you:  group. 
    I have become known to the group as the “Nelly Froo-Froo” drinker.  I always
    bring the Smirnoff Ice, Strawberry Daiquari’s, and other fruity drinks. 
    At first the group resisted.  Then, little by little, I sucked them into
    drinking these tasty malt beverages.  This Friday night, the last one gave
    in.  John took one from my fridge and said in a very masculine tone, “Ok,
    I’m having one.  Now don’t make fun of me because I’m having a Nelly Froo-Froo
    drink, ok?”  “Dude!!  It’s all good.  We’ve been drinking them for a while.” 
    At which point John goes to open the Smirnoff Ice with his hands, and pulls
    back his left hand wincing and whining in a very distinctly girly voice,
    “ooouuuuWWW!!!”  He hurt his hand opening the bottle.  At that point, Lee
    and I turned right to each other and pointed, and prompted fell to the ground,
    laughing until we couldn’t contain it anymore.  John and his ego were not
    amused.  We sure were.