know how there are those good influences in your life? And those bad influences
on you? And then there’s those “Good Bad” influences. Well, my friend Lee is that person for me. We’ve been coming up with a few ideas for T-shirts to make. Some of them good, like

Qui est ton papa:

(ask me if you’re curious) and others, like



Show us on the doll where he touched you:

(Yet another really hilarious story behind
this one. If you have been raped or are offended by this picture then, I
apologize. The story/picture combo is just too good to pass up.)

Of course, all of these are copyrighted. And it seems like everyone one
of my friends that I tell about this, wants one of the t-shirts. I usualy
have to tell people the context, but it makes for great stories every day.
I figure that with enough promotion, we’ll get the Christian Colliliation
beating down our doors in no time. Who knows…maybe I’ll get to see my
mom again. 🙂 (No offense, mom.)

And today I was talking to Krystie about my upcoming Halloween party.
I had so much fun at the Toga party last time, that I figure it’s time to
throw my own. But, I want to be original, so I’m going to throw a Studio 54 Party
I’ve got the wacky friends with the great imagination, I just hope that everyone
else can bring the costumes! If you think you’re up for it, email me and we’ll coordinate.

Till then cheers and much love and partying!