Food and Spirits Party

Being from Louisiana, food is a major topic of conversation with me and my friends, and I constantly hear, “You know, I make the best ” Well, I gave those people a chance to put their food where their mouths are.  Or someone else’s mouth to their food…anyway, you get the picture.  Plus, I made it into a contest with prizes!

Also, since a few of us were so inspired by what we saw at Lindy Gras, we knew that we had to re-enact parts of it.  Naughty us.  And speaking of naughty…my pig had a good time too.  Ride the pig!  (or Erin.  Either way is fine with me.)

Back to the food…Some of entries were:

  • EXP appetizers (brought 3 hours after the party started! 🙂 )
  • Couscous a la Melissa
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • DA-BOMB Sushi (Some in reference to previous mischief at Chef Tommy)
  • Gourmet Mac and Cheese
  • A most tasty Filet Mignon
  • Taco Salad
  • Mucho Alcoholo!
  • 125 Jello shots!
  • …bunches of other things that I have forgotten, or didn’t eat because I was quite toasty that night.  (Many mega super happy thanks to Andre and Angie who brought me liquid happiness:  Smirnoff Ice!)

One of the more interesting events was when Matt M. bet me $5 that I couldn’t eat one of his Sushi rolls without blinking.  Scoffing at his offer, I got a big crowd to watch me as I threw the tiny morsel of seaweed in my mouth.  For about 5 seconds of chewing, I was fine.  Then it hit me.


Once everyone was satiated, Teel whipped out:  The Tingler”.  Words themselves cannot describe the sensation of being “Tingled.”  Next time you’re out dancing at the Sons of Hermann, ask Teel about it.  Just make sure that you’re sitting down and don’t get too carried away, else you’ll contort it and then have to pray to the “Tingler Diety” for forgiveness.


We then sprawled out the always-faithful party-enhancer Twister.  Except Helen had something else in store for us:  Jello Shot Twister.  If you landed on a spot that had a shot, it was yours. 


The prize for winning the Twister match?  Once again…Tommy’s house.


I tried defending my title, and almost succeeded.  I got too anxious and knocked everyone down (including myself), so the judges defaulted to me, the defending champion.  (Studio 54 Party)  However, it was then noted that Helen took the most amount of shots and was on the mat the longest (we didn’t start at the same time), so in the spirit of the Olympics, Helen was the declared the winner.  But it’s now been 24 hours and she hasn’t claimed her prize, so I get to keep the house.  Woohoo! 🙂


After some more drinking, it later hit me, “I should stop.”  So, I did.  But the room didn’t.


Many many glasses of water later, I was ready to bed, which happened around 4AM.  There were still people on my couch chatting, but like I tell people, when you come to my house, you’re family.  Which also means, don’t expect me to fix your plate. 🙂


When I woke up, those left over from the party, (Myself, Melissa, Lee, Janice and Brian) were treated by the master cooking skillz of Monsieur Gibson.  Complete with homemade waffles topped with strawberries and syrup. 


For those that missed out…next time bring a pillow.


Some of the more interesting quotes overheard:

  • On how to have the most out of life:  “The more you eat, the more you can drink…the more you drink, the more you throw up…the more you can eat”

  • Let’s not do that again:  “Wiskey always makes me butch.”

  • Let’s do that again:  “Whatever you do, you can always do it better with more women.”

  • Let’s make sure do do that again:  “You know you’re drunk when you don’t know whose navel you sucked it out of.”

  • On tough issues:  “Hit one little brown kid with a Stretch Armstrong and all of a sudden, YOU’RE the racist.”

  • No parking here:  “These (lift boobs with hands) are just for show.”

  • Bad girl, good girl:  “, you’re being a bad girl.  Go to Tommy’s Room!”  (I did not say that!  I swear!)

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