Bonsoir tout la monde,

A heck of a lot has been going on since last I posted. US has gone into war, Melissa and I took a vacation around Texas, my B-day, lotsa lotsa working. I could write about it all for a while, and I might but I’ve been trying to take care of the basics.

And on the basics, I just finished watching an amazing Mini-series called “Band of Brothers”. It’s an HBO original mini-series about the Easy Company for WWII and their experiences. It’s directed very similarly to Saving Private Ryan, but is about some of the paratroopers (who I’ve been told on a separate occassion, have an average life expectancy of less than a minute.) Anyway, it seriously moved me and although I cannot say that I now oppose war at all costs, I now have a lot of respect for anyone that has seen combat and the catastrophic result it has on the people in the thick of it and those that never even pick up a gun. May God keep us safe and at peace for as long as we all shall live.

On a very fulfilling sidenote, I think that I’ve found my place in life. People spend years, decades in search of their “perfect job” I think I’m there. Currently, I’m developing tools for Nortel that are taking a lot of the manual configuration out of the picture and creating a web interface for it. I’m now at the point where some of my co-workers are using the tool and thank me in the hall for doing it. How rare and awesome of an experience is that? I’ve also received an Intenuity award from my senior management, so my name’s getting around! 🙂

Here’s to living the Good Life.