WARNING: This post links to some pretty graphic stuff. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A while back, a friend of mine, Matt Musselman told an interesting story about how he was searching through some porn one day and came across one of his X-girlfriends. Pretty shocking, mind you. Well, I got curious enough that I asked him if I could see it “Do a Google on 132991.jpg. She’s the one in the middle.”

Not too shabby, I realized. So, I started poking around (pun intended) some of the other pics … and came across 132980.jpg. That’s when my jaw dropped.


When I went to Tulane and all of the dorm rooms had ethernet connections to them, it was awesome. Except that I didn’t have a computer that could make use of that (Stupid Packard Bell)…so, I had to bum off of other people. This one time, I went to a friend’s dorm who had the almighty Internet connected to his computer and after bugging him for a while, he gave in and showed me how Internet porn works… (wow, I wonder how many hits I’ll get from saying the word “porn”. There, I did it again.)

This first post we went to talked about these girls sunbathing nude at their dorm room and these guys that started taking pictures of them and they invited them back to their room to take more pictures of them.


You’re getting the picture by now, aren’t ya? Yup. My Virgin Internet Porn Experience was from Matt’s X-girlfriend. We later exchanged notes and determined that it happened not too longer after their breakup. Wow. Thankfully, we’re at the stage in our lives where we can laugh at that.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the original chat session where it started, but here’s a transcript of him and another friend named Matt talking about it.

LOL…it still cracks me up.

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