They say that God/life will never throw anything at you more than what you can handle.  I agree to that; however, in this past week, I think that Iíve thrown about as much as my body could handle.


The weekend before, I went to Salt Lake City for a Lindy Exchange.  That was a hella lot of fun, even though the cops came in and busted us for holding a dance past 2AM.  It was pretty upsetting as Salt Lake City is trying to be seen as a ďnormalĒ city, but still doesnít allow organized dances past 2AM.  As an outcry, Iíve created where we hope to raise money for the Free Nate Foundation.  (Nate being the person who organized the SLC Lindy Exchange, and is going to court, because of it.)


As for this few days, hereís a lowdown:

  • Parents came to town and brought my two nephews, Evan and Charles.  It was interesting to have the little rug rats running around the house to see what a real family would be like, but I can definitely see that Iím not ready for parenthood.
  • To spend some quality time together before she headed back to Baltimore, Melissa stayed at my place for about a week.
  • The Master shower drain pan started to leak and my preciouuusss (read: House) started to leak and have all sorts of water problems.
  • Earlene Falgout, my grandmother passed away after a lengthy battle with Lung Cancer.  She was almost 90.  May she rest in peace.
  • Falgout Family Food Festival!!!!  W00t!  If you missed out on it, make sure not to do that next time.  There was more seafood and other food that we didnít know what to do with it all.  Thankfully, Iíve got a big stomach and appetite.
  • And of course, Melissaís departure from Dallas.


I took a sick day today, to let my body recuperate from all of the stress and itís feeling much better, but my tummyís rumbly.  I think that thereís been a lot of loss for me recently; however, Iím quite proud of how Iím handling myself and not losing focus that life does go on and that these types of things happen.


BTW, if youíre a Matrix Fan, I HIGHLY recommend watching Animatrix.  ďThe Final Flight of the OrisisĒ kick MUCH holy arse.


Carry on,