Some hobbies are expensive.  Some cheap.  Others, like swing dancing are cheap, but if you really want to go crazy with it, they can get really expensive.  But now that I think about it, I’m sure you can say the same thing about every hobby.  So, nevermind.

My latest expense, justified towards redeveloping the growth of the world economy, was my trip to Vancouver for the Lindy Exchange.  As some of my close friends know, one of my deep dark secrets is that I have a Canadian Fetish.  I don’t know why.  I just seem to be drawn to them.  I call it “Eh-dar”.  (Speaking of that, look at what I found!)

In any case, while I was there, I had some really amazing dances.  All too many to single out.  (Mostly because I’m afraid that I’d forget someone.  I’m also really bad with names.  So, chances are, if I danced with you, told you “Thank You.”, I probably enjoyed it.)  While I was at it, I finally purchased new clothing!  Something I don’t believe I’ve done in about 6 months. (Check out the Gallery for pictures of the city and of the dance.)

Unfortunately, there weren’t too many quotes at the exchange, but I updated the quote page, with other mindless ramblings.

In other news, my Pool of Pudding Pictures have become quite the rave.  I’m getting calls from managers really high above me asking for the password to get in.

–Just a boy looking for your love.P.S.  I love my friends.  They’re insane.  But not insane like this.

You know, I really wish that I could say that I had full control of the God and Goddess party yesterday, but I’ll have to admit…there was no holding it back.  “It turned that knob to 11.”  Oh yeah, when I woke up, there was an octopus in my sink.  That’s how you know it was a good party.  We also did have a cop come by, but thankfully the God of Bad Instructions waved to him with his beer bottle and he waved back and drove off.

The party went till about 2PM, the next day as some of the hard-core partiers (read:  People too tired/drunk to drive home) went to the Original Pancake House for doilies and good grub. 

I’ll also have to admit that this was one of the most fun parties to invite people to.  How often do you actually get to be the God or Goddess of your choice for a night?  We even had prizes which I bought, but never gave out.  Two of the un-official winners were Jenna as the “Goddess of One Night Stands” who had a table, night clock, and other items attached to her.  And Lee, The “God of Arrested Development” whose favorite X-mas gift in recent years was a K’Nex rollercoaster which he proudly wore on his head and was even functional!

The party was also paid a visit by Cleopatria, The Goddess of Water, The Goddess of Fire (completely unplanned), the Goddess of Fashion and the Goddess of Fashion Faux Pas (I kid you not, also, completely unplanned).  George Lucas’ Goddess of Marketing, The God of Turn Tables, The God of All Things Shiny (your truly), The Goddess of Unfinished Projects (who went quite well with the God of Unfinished Party Decorating, as I was late on the preparations), The Goddess of All Things Naughty, God’s Gift to Women, Goddess of Common Sense (who should also win a prize for spending 3 hours hot gluing about 300 pennies to her already shiny dress), The God of Turntables who kept spinning his live mix till about 3AM and too many other deities to name.

It was a truly divine party, that I was proud to host; because there were so many cool people there.  About 10% I met at that day.  And another 10% I met the day before. 🙂  Pics are up! (Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many pics myself, and will get other people’s pics up as soon as I can.)

Oh yeah, and for those interested, I have the Pool of Pudding Pictures up.  Although, due to the “Nature of the pictures” they’re password protected, so shoot me an email if you want in.  BEWARE!  Not safe for work.  (That means you too mom.)  If you want some of the videos, let me know.  This was one of those parties, that I had no idea what I was getting into.  How often do you get to see 60 gallons of pudding with people wrestling in it?

Yeah…that’s what I thought.