One of my small pleasures in life is the art of subtle humor. My friend Matt Mussleman is the supreme king of such humor. I, on the other hand, tend to keep it to myself and many times too obscure or bizarre. For example, one of the servers I created at work is named Tatu, also one of the tools I wrote generates logs named TPS reports. I bond instantly to anyone to pick up on it.

I’ve decided to name my latest server “w00t”, my new desktop will be “yarr” and I’ve already got a “pago”. Unfortunately, as I write this, I’m at work fighting with Yarr and w00t. Thus producing a bunch of other four letter word exclamiations, but thankfully, most everyone is either gone or doesn’t speak English and is using a vacuum cleaner.

On a side note, the last time I really heard anything from the Aforementioned Brooke was right after she posted a comment on my site. Maybe I’ll hear from here again. 🙂

On many different levels.

One of which was that I didn’t even notice that my site’s been down for quite some time because my ISP (Comcast) changed my IP w/o me knowing. Therefore, didn’t resolve. If you don’t find this funny, ask a techie. If the techie doesn’t find this funny…well, it’s probably not. But hug your techie anyway; because I’m sure he would enjoy it. (Hmm…Hug A Techie Day.)

The other level is that I promised myself to post whenever events happen. Probably one per event. As of my last entry, there have been enough events to overwhelm a freeze-dried turkey. So, I shall summarize:

Austin Lindy Exchange – Dancing, dancing, dancing and more dancing. At some point I slept. Oh yeah! And I had 3 women staying at my house! We even made shirts. Tommy’s Bordello. I felt so special.

Halloween Party #1 – Unbeknownst to me, I had tickets to go see the Plano Rep’s Chicago that night. I went to a costume party where Disco Stu was accompanied by the likes of Angie the Carpenter and Greg the Cholo (sp?). It is here that I met who was awesome enough to sing some Janis Joplin for me outside.

Halloween Party #2 – Helen and FWSWS threw a Dance with a live band, costume and even a birthday party for Mistress Helen who was spawned on Halloween, a few years go. My class was also there! Sidenote: I’ve never been so self-conscious in my life than when sitting in a Greyhound bus station for an hour while wearing my Sugar Daddy PJ’s. Afterwards, went to Weyandt’s party which was an event and a half.

Halloween Party #3 – Rocky Horror. I could go into that some more, but my mom reads this site at times.

After a particularly unfortunate Hallowween ending, involving a miscommunication between friends, I feel that karma smiled down upon me (that is if karma would have the properties of a face and muscles to make such a movement). And presented a gift which I have been reveling in ever since. The aforementioned Brooke. (Who a number of my friends are starting to doubt the existance of because due to some reason or another has been unable to join me on none, but one of my social expeditions thus far.)

Oh yeah! My new Treo 600 came in and I’m once again, like a giddy school girl playing with my new toy. I only wish I wouldn’t have dropped and scratched it on the concrete last night. (“That didn’t take long.”)

Now to prepare for Movie Night. Yarr!

–SnoopyKiss now believes in Karma.