Since I still hadn’t conquered my blues, I thought, “Hey! Maybe if I buy stuff, I’ll feel better.” I’ve heard women do that, so I decided to try it out for myself.

Here’s my progression:

  • Breakup -> Blues
  • Went shopping and found 2 DVD’s of Happy Tree Friends and cool new pants and shoe rack that I’ve been needings for about 2 years -> Happy
  • Got home and listened to Blues -> Blues
  • Put together shoe rack -> Productive
  • Watched Happy Tree Friends DVD -> Amused
  • Found KICK ASS “Break Up Songs” compilation on iTunes, which really hits the spot -> Elated!
  • Problem downloading songs via iTunes, chatted with friends -> Happy
  • Finally downloaded files with iTunes. Some files missing -> Irked
  • Found out iTunes won’t let me re-download music I’ve purchased. (Even when their software failed the original download.) -> PISSED!

I would go to sleep, but now I’ve got two very prevelant reoccuring thoughts in my head, “I HATE iTunes” and “la la LA LA LA”.

— SnoopyKiss will have interesting dreams tonight.

The process for getting the absurd speeding ticket (65 on the Tollway) has been stretched out to the point where if these were gym shorts, they would no longer fit. I’ve failed to see any humor in the situation until I realized how much I loved the Internet, and how it was my friend.

If you’re from Texas, you’ve probably heard the ads for I decided to take a risk and try it. There’s the occasional question to make sure you’re paying attention.
(Ex: “When you come to a red light, you should:

  • A.) Stop
  • B.) Go
  • C.) Some other silly option.

I ain’t lying. And if those questions are too hard for you, you can just hit the refresh button as the questions are random)

In any case, I decided to take a few liberties with my Defensive Driving course and I think that the amusement value more than made up for it. (Note the Smirnoff Ice)

With that said, I think that the timer on my last page is up, and I should return.

–SnoopyKiss is also heartbroken. But don’t worry, he’s got some glue on backorder.

I’ve got so many great taglines to use in my jorunals, but so little content. This latest one sparked my imagination after a fairly reenactment of this happened at the BK near my work.

Few things put me me in the holiday sprit. That’s one of them.

I’ve also been proud of myself as I’ve finally embraced the idea of doing my homework. Growing up in Louisiana, you usually couldn’t get me to go outside unless you tossed the computer out the window. And even then, that would be because I was attached to it. So, that I actually bought and USED a weed-wacker, is about as shocking as having Mushmouth replace Dick Clark and getting the countdown right!

I’m also excided as I will be getting a minion (read: Co-op) at work. Don’t know what else to say.

–SnoopyKiss just got professionally insulted, and feels honored.

P.S. After-hours blues party = Good, Good, Good, Better.