High school. 4 tortureous years, drenched in loneliness, angst and depression. Something I never wish to repeat. Amidst the teenage awkwardness, there’s supposed to be a night of freedom, a time of youthful revelry. This so-called Prom.

A lot has happened in 10 years, and I’ve gained the ability to put the past where it belongs and live life fully. So, when these opprotunities to dredge up the past arise, it becomes a challenge to face my life nose to nose.

So, I did it.
I went to Prom.
But this time, I could dance.

–SnoopyKiss wants to give props, where props are due: Thanks Hannah, for starting this, Clint for hosting myself and Heather, and Nate and all others for organizing this great weekend!

It’s always great to learn something about yourself. Especially when it deals with your impact on other people. I just had a theory of mine soundly reinforced the other day: “If you want to get married, date me. Chances are, you’ll marry the next guy you date.”

Thankfully, I end all of my relationships on good terms so I’m able to share the joy and encourage them on their way.

I don’t think of this as a positive or negative, but rather a better after effect than my other friend who had the running joke, “After you date me, you turn gay.” We were all worried about how that was going to turn out when she started dating one of my Navy friends. They’re married now. With child. So, I’m guessing he enjoyed it.

–SnoopyKiss wants a ring…A One Ring.

P.S. Oh yeah, the blues party was yet another success. These are starting to become my new favorite types of parties to throw! Right number of people too.