Long time…no post. Yeah. I know. This is me being concerned.

So, when life seems to hit you all at once, what do you do?
Take a weekend vacation to Austin for dancing and then take another weekend vacation to St. Louis for dancing!

Sounds like a good idea to me. No? Ok. Well, I went and did it anyway. And then what should I do when I get back?
I know! Build a dance floor! But don’t forget to take a picture of your floor.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I broke my camera trying to take an extreme closeup of my friend Rob projectiling out of a 2 story slide. Bugger. I think his kneecap is healed.

–SnoopyKiss is all about turning his logs from mono to dia. Even if you DO have to have a “ue” at the end of them. uuuuueeeee….