Of course, thanks for everyone who helped organize this wonderous event. It kicked much arse! Unforunately, I had too much fun and my body’s making me pay for it now by being sick and stuff.

Some of my favorite highlights were:

* Riding the bull and doing a damn fine job of it, if I don’t mind saying. Video forthcoming.

* Meeting up with my parents and other relatives at Cafe Du Monde and seeing the “No Funk For Tommy Team” and hearing my dad say, “You know, your mom doesn’t have to know, but I’m proud of ya.”

* Getting a picture of me and my dad with me wearing my “Qui Est Ton Papa?” Shirt. Priceless.

* Walking down Burbon Street, and biting on Erica’s neck, and then running into my relatives again. Ack! As Stella said, “You turned a deep purple.”

* THE Blues Club

* Going to The Blues Club with the gang and then getting my relatives and parents to go inside. Then showing off.

* Watching my parents dance. This was pretty much THE highlight of my weekend. I can’t say how much that meant to me. It gave me an infinite number of warm fuzzies.

* The smallest Room / Shower in the world.

* Being a Marshall for the 2nd Line Parade. w00t! Free Umbrella!

* The Matrix Posings with Sharon. Where’s those pics, G?!

* Bowling Ball Dancing with Holly.

* The Last Dance with Jasmine.

Oh yeah, PICS ARE UP!

My life always seems to play itself out in themes. The current theme seem to be “Recovery.” Unfortunately, my week long excursion with the Lovely Miss Aya did not work out as I hoped it would. This coupled with a previous chagrin, has had me seek the Great Geek Wisdom of Ernst Leland Gibson IV, who replied: “Red Warrior Needs Time to Self Badly.”

So, after some much needed reflection time, I decided it’s time to rally up some old friends and go out dancing. This is as far as I got:

“Hello? Is Vivian there?”
“I’m sorry, but you just called the Cingular Wireless Store.”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah. We’re checking things out here and I noticed that the phone on display started ringing.”
“You’re kidding me?!” At this point, I can barely contain myself.
“Um. Ok.”
We then both have a good laugh and hang up, still laughing.

Even when Life doesn’t give you what you want, it has a funny way of giving you what you need.

P.S. NYE Pics are up!

–SnoopyKiss also needs some Snuggle-ual Healing.