Boston Chowda

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After a long train ride, it’s always great to be greated by a welcoming female. Who’s hot. And a redhead. And Snoopykisses you before you get 5 words in. Apparently, that one was from Jenny-Lynn. *snear* I’ll get you my pretty.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the further I go, the more iPod ads the city has. It started off with Chicago and every section of the train on “The El” having 3 adds on them. So, you’ll see this pink, green, and blue blur right above you, in an otherwise, non-colorful ccity. This time, walking into the main train/bus terminal, my eyes were assaultled by 35 iPod posters, between ones my size to ones that could envelop my house.

Touring Boston involved seeing some very historic sites, lots of names I should have remembered from Miss Gregory’s American History class, and a very interesting tour around MIT by Amanda, a graduate and one of the faculty there. Also one of my favorite follows evar. That gave me a happy.

In the back of my mind, I was still worried about housing in NYC and whether I would have to cancel, because I didn’t want to pay $100/night (all of the hostels were booked). After many calls and requests from friends, Eli of Impecible Timing came through and I can rest easier knowing that I won’t be asking the winos to move over and use my iBook cover for a pilow.

–Snoopykiss is glad that not everyone talks like he thought they would up here.

Chris Sleeping

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Canada. That Maple Leaf place. America’s Attic. (You don’t go up there very often, but when you do, you’re like “Wow! Look at all this cool stuff!”). That was our post-Chicago destination. Sans air conditioning (which stopped making an awful grinding noise halfway through the trip), we found ourselfs getting more and more nervous.
Could it be the hordes of beautiful Canadian women Chris had lined up to host us? Nope.
The prospect of finding out that they really do have flappy heads and fart a lot? Non.
Excited at the prospect of paying $1.11/litre? Nien.

I’m putting my money on that I was unaware of the plan to go through Toronto, and didn’t bring my Passport, Birth Certificate or anything. Long story short, after a car-search and many quizzical looks from the Customs agents when we told them we were here for swing dancing, we made it through. Needless to say, we did the Happy Butt Dance in the car.

We finally got to Toronto, only to find out that the dance (Middle of the Greek area) where we were supposed to meet our hosts ended hours before we got there. Bollocks. After some team discussion, we realized that our best bet was to follow through and keep on truckin’ with no rest or break till New York. But not until we checked out what Toronto is known best for.

Strip Clubs. (Locations curtosey of war-driving)

Chris had never been and although they do nothing for me, I figured that he needed some “relaxation” after such a rough set of circumstances. Even bought the dude a lap dance. But the funniest part was how the two of us were critiquing the gals more than anything else. “Holly’s got better isolation.” “Kathy can do that.” “I’ve seen…oh wait…nope. I haven’t.”

Now after some on-the road planning, I got dropped off in Utica to take a cheap-arse train to Boston where I’ll be meeting up with the lovely Andrea for a few days. On the way here, I gave a 70% tip because I was thrilled out of my pointy little skull to be able to walk into a Denny’s, have my own room, two plugins and free wi-fi. God Bless technology and great waitresses.

— Snoopykiss is going to iSleep.

Sears CN Tower

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After a much needed rest and some good work put in, I finally got the full “Stupid Lack of Parking Restriction Sings, Yet No Lack of Towing” story (aka Why Chris and Joachim came in at 5AM.) Chris’ car got towed and now his AC doesn’t work.

Thankfully, I was able to earn my keep and a free breakfast from Joachim who picked my brain for a good few hours about Perl since he had just been thrust into a new Perl project and knew little. Free room, board and breakfast for information I know like the back of my hand? Booyakasha!

We made it to a Miss Lydia’s “Blues with a View” party that had a pretty good turnout of dancers and mormons. Words can’t express how much this amuses me. There was an impressive amount of food and tiki torches right there on the beach of Lake Michigan. One of my favorite moments was wading in the water to “Wade in the Water”. After some socialization and pictures of “Tinching of the Pitties”, I found a dark room with a view of the lake and slumbered oh so peacefully.

It was also great to see a few other Yehoodites like John, Gary and a number of other people who’s name escapes me from non-alcoholic forgetfuness.

–Snoopykiss went to Chicago and didn’t take you.

Dressed up Chopper

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Escaped St. Louis w/o much incident. (I had no idea that STL had the “Bowling Museum” Crazy.)

Made potential buisness contact which could mean some major cizzash! w00t!

Unfortunately, this sickness which I’m battling with has proved to be more stubborn than me. So, on a Friday night, I’m staying at home, chilling, while the Capt and Joachim and a few other Chi-ites go out dancing. Much needed rest for Tommy.


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After MUCH delays and suffering from an overdose of Orange Cone-age, we finally made it to St. Louis where I got to hang out with the lovely Miss Kim Massey. Who after a little bit of brain probing did remember me as her 2004 Dr. Feelgood.

While she was up on stage, we had some good banter, the one that stuck out in my head the most was:
Her: “I love you.”
Me: “I love you more.”
Her: “No, I love you more.”
Me: “No, I love you more. Deal with it.”

Our hosts Jen and Amy have been gracious enough to let us sleep in their guest bedroom. Which is currently occupied by their snake, that is more interested in shedding than playing host. Good times, yo. Good times.

Kum and go

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Got to Tulsa. Highways here look like my kindergarden drawings. Hwy 75 turns to 69 then to Indian Turnpike to I-40, back to 75 and then to Creek Turnpike. Got lost, because I think I forgot to turn right at the spotted cow. Maybe he was grazing. Who knows.

Found out that PAGO! (My Mini Cooper) get 22 MPG at 100MPH, w/o even hitting 5,000 RPM. God, I love that car.

Only pic so far: The Kum and Go convenience store in Tulsa.

Officially named this the “Stick it to the Man” Tour, because I’m taking this trip while working “Out Of Office”. Fantastic.


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I was recently VERY annoyed by the process which I had to go to get the VPN software for my new iBook to let me into Nortel (my employer’s) network. Long story short: Since I’m on a Mac, I had to purchase from the company I work for, with my own money the software I needed to get into the Nortel’s Network. Downright crazy.

However, not to be knocked down, I’ve decided to take my newly purchased freedom (now I can connect to work from any Internet connection) and work “Out of Office”. You know, some place like…Denver. Or in this case, The Big Apple. (Thus the picture and the iBook. Now the circle is complete.)

The plan has fallen in my lap quite suddenly, and I’m going to be sacrificing a number of other opprotunities here, but it shall be worth it. Especially since I’ll be gone for 2 weeks, but only taking 1 week of vacation. (The Man has been properly stuck!)

–Snoopykiss is making even MORE of his friends jealous, day by day.