Stick it to the Man Tour


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I was recently VERY annoyed by the process which I had to go to get the VPN software for my new iBook to let me into Nortel (my employer’s) network. Long story short: Since I’m on a Mac, I had to purchase from the company I work for, with my own money the software I needed to get into the Nortel’s Network. Downright crazy.

However, not to be knocked down, I’ve decided to take my newly purchased freedom (now I can connect to work from any Internet connection) and work “Out of Office”. You know, some place like…Denver. Or in this case, The Big Apple. (Thus the picture and the iBook. Now the circle is complete.)

The plan has fallen in my lap quite suddenly, and I’m going to be sacrificing a number of other opprotunities here, but it shall be worth it. Especially since I’ll be gone for 2 weeks, but only taking 1 week of vacation. (The Man has been properly stuck!)

–Snoopykiss is making even MORE of his friends jealous, day by day.

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