Chicken Elmo

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So, I successfully completed my “Stick it to the Man” Tour with a buttload of pictures and some new friends. To sum it up, I went from Boston to a Blues weekend in DC and had myself a freggin’ blast. Met up with Meg and her recovering Mormon roommate, Jewel (who is talking me into taking another SittM Tour, to the West Coast).

Since then I’ve been through Tulsa, St. Louis (x2), Austin, got my Kung Fu Yellow Belt, lost a roommate (down to 3), went to a Polka Festival, parents went through 2 hurricanes, lost and uncle (unrelated. RIP Uncle Melvin) and threw a Food and Spirits Party.

I think it’s now time to retreat into my house for a while until the Red White and Blues invasion.

–Snoopykiss. Not just for breakfast anymore.