3rd boobie

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Definitely not awesome.

On my way to pickup a space heater AFTER winter finally hit us (Yea Winter!), I noticed the “Willow Bend Wellness Center”. What really grabbed my eye sockets and had me rubber-neck was that the top business there was “Plastic Surgery”

I’m definitely no Health (It’s HEALTH, not Wellness, dammit!) Fanatic, but since when does Plastic Surgery have anything to do with Wellness?

I’m not even going to start with the physical ramifications of nipping and tucking, but that’s like…mayonnaise and peanut butter!

— Snoopykiss just had Chik-Fil-A. Maybe he should get a boob-job to compensate.

blaukraut bleibt blaukraut

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I got the following email from Kathy today. I would say that I’m scared, but it was recently discovered that over 50% of my salad dressings were out of date. And I think some of the stuff there was from when I was still in college.

    One of the trainees just told us that last night she ate a TV dinner that was over 20 years old! She said that when she and her husband moved back from Lubbock in 1985 they had three TV dinners they brought with them that had been in their fridge before they moved. Well, last night, she decided to throw them away, but then thought to herself, “I wonder what this would taste like?” So, she heated it up and ate it. Dude…when your food is old enough to drink, don’t eat it!

–Snoopykiss wants you to close your eyes and open your mouth…