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Matty got me.

Four jobs I’ve had
# Popeyes (cook, cashier, fluffer)
# Shrimp Boat helper
# Perl Badass
# Dance Instructor

Four movies I can watch over and over
# Here Comes Dr. Tran
# 5th Element
# Se7en
# Zoolander (Thanks Lee)

Four TV shows I love(d) to watch
# Lost
# Dead Like Me
# Firefly

Four places I’ve been on vacation
# Switzerland
# Canada
# Tijuana
# Paris (techincally work, but *snicker* the Parisians don’t work)

Four favorite dishes
# Most anything from Lee
# Most anything from Matty
# Some of my food “experiments”

Four websites I visit daily
# Digg.com
# Gmail.com (hourly?)
# woot.us.nortel.com (Development Server)
# tatu.us.nortel.com (Production Server)

Four places I’d rather be
# Gaming
# Europe
# Catching up with friends
# Dancing

Four I’m tagging
# Lee
# Barb
# G
# Sarah.

I’ve never seen a city so involved with it’s airport code. Not that I know which came first, but all locations in Portland referred to themself as PDX.

I know there’s DFW, but at least that one makes sense. So, I decided to venture out there to find out.

I came back, a week and a half later with no answer, but a hell of a time spent with Lee and Barb and Erin and Josh and others. And dance.

And visit the coolest library on this planet, in Seattle.

And the craziest donut shop evar.

I also tried Ethopian food. Go me. But mostly, I was happy to go to a place with “Queen” (Queen Sheeba) in the title and not see drag.

Thanks to Lee, Barb and Martin who let me crash at their place longer than I expected. Even if Martin’s justification was, “Well, I had sex in your bathroom.”

— Snoopykiss needs bleach. Stat.