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Creepy freggin’ movie! But good. But creepy. And a bit too much at two parts. You’ll know if/when you get there. Although, I haven’t been able to find someone else who’s played the game to compare it with.

And it looks like I’m being a complete goober and missing out on two of my favorite cities for dancing. Denver and St. Louis. Curse you, finite banking account!

As a result, It’s roommate searching time again. From 0 to 3, back to 0 in 1.2 years.

–Snoopykiss is cooking up a storm. Let’s hope he doesn’t burn it this time.

30 in binary

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“What’s it like turning 30?”
“I was giddy for most of the day. I was just unconditionally happy through most of it. I can’t explain it. I spent so much time going, ‘Holy cow! I’m 30!’ and then laughing. Somehow, I didn’t expect to make it this far.”

When my sister and parents tried making cracks at how old I had turned, I asked them what advice they could give me for reaching their age. We changed subjects quite quickly.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the B-day party and a special thanks to Allison and Kathy who have helped cultivate my new passion: Cooking.

Now accepting applications for guinea pigs. Serious inquires only. Only requirements are the willingness to bring some ingredients and an appetite. Alton fans extremely welcome.

I hope to see you around the kitchen.

— Can you smell what the Snoopykiss is cooking?! Oh, really? Sorry about that, I’ll crack a window.