Nothing brings people together like being confined in a small environment, all with the same goal. Korean, Russian, Romanian, Canadian, and even a Texan Coonass.

Things I learned today:
– “Botched Job” comes from an engineer (Botch) that created a bridge in Scotland that later fell and killed 75 people.
– Never trust a Cambell
– “Blackmail” is a Scotish term. I forget what it means, but it’s something about paying for something (mail) with sheep that are somehow blackened.
– “Attack the Gas Station!” (One of my favorite Korean movies, and the inspiration for my car’s name, PAGO!!!) caused a big problem in Korea, because all sorts of kids took after the movie and started attacking gas stations. Pago can also mean, “Hit the car in front of you!”
– The Highlands of Scotland are BEAUTIFUL.

Monty Python Locations I saw today:
– The “What is your Quest?!” bridge (Actually, the bridge is gone now.)
– The castle where the marriage scene is “performed”. The one with the curtains.

I enjoyed the Highlands so much that it’s now the next leg of my trip. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got a showing of Braveheart to go see. (Make sure I tell you the story of how much the Scots love that movie.)

— Snoopykiss wants to go running naked across a mountain now. But damn, it’s cold.

Edinburgh is gorgeous. Although, a bit cold, even for this Coonass who likes it like that. Backpacking is an amazing experience where you get to learn a lot about yourself and other people. However, it does get a bit…well…lonely.

So, I went up to the bartender and told him about my problem: I’m here to visit Ireland and Scotland, but…I don’t drink beer. After a few shocked looks, and having to indeed verify that I was a Texan, he eased me into a decent cider.

I then struck up conversation with a Scotsman right next to me and we chatted for a while till I got drawn into this “Hen Party” (i.e. Bachelorette Party), where one of the girls was so Irish (i.e. drunk) that I think I introduced myself to her 3 times.

Europe is a great place. All it takes is saying you’re Texan, and then singing the first 4 notes to “Dallas” and you’ve got insta-friends. Tell them your uncle has an alligator farm, and they’ll never let you out of their sight.

I’m up bright and early now to head out to do a day trip to Loch Ness. Makes me wish I brought my squid shirt.

P.S. I went to bed early, and woke up to the sound of a girl coming into my bed room. (It’s a 6 person, dorm-style room with private curtains for each bed.) At first, I thought some lucky guy had made a friend and wondered if this would be more like college than I was hoping for. Then more women came in and I realized that I was the only guy in here. It’s an awkward experience hearing a woman undress knowing that she probably has no idea you’re there. Seriously.

At some point, I’m sure I’ll actually get to see Europe. But currently, it feels like I’ve done nothing but travelling. 8+ hours by plane to London, 8 hours by bus to Edinburgh.

On my way here, I realized that it had been about 3 day since I last brushed my teeth…


Details and pics to make you hate me later.

Kathy and Me

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Traditional social standards tell me that I should have had a beautiful day in the park with my kids and maybe gone see a movie with my wife.

Instead, I found that downing half a liter of Rum and Honey while throwing beads to hundreds of drunk strangers and excited families, then going dancing and party-hopping afterwards made for a much better story than identifying with “The Pursuit of Happiness”. That’s just me.

I’m sure one day I’ll get to that point. But till then, I’ll keep going to rock shows and living by what I believe to be true.

— Snoopykiss knows a good thing when he … ooh shiny!

Bring on the Funk

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As a white guy, why do I love the Funk so much? Maybe it’s because it’s got a hard bass. Maybe because it’s a reason for me to shake my groove thang. Or maybe it’s because I get to see outfits with as much color as some of my bedrooms.

I just can’t help myself. Like Richard Roundtree on Blacksploitation movies, or a Gun on Pamela Grier, I love me some funk.

And I got to attack that booty from the back at the MezzJelly Lindy and Soul Exchange. With a rollerrink, house party, soul food, hot DJ’s and a hot tub, how could it go anyway but DYNOMITE!!!

High 5 to Ami and Jered who helped make this possible and all of the DJ’s who kept it groovy.

— Snoopykiss feels good. And he knew that he would.