Air Guitar Champ

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Air Guitar Nation.

Simply a beautiful movie about the spirit of humanity through the hidden bedroom act of Air Guitar. It inspires, it laughs, it entertains, it embarrasses, it opens your eyes.

I now want to compete. All that’s left to do is get my Funk and Soul Monthy Dance going and get the competitions going, babye!

–Snoopykiss wants to party like an Air Guitar Rockstar

THAT bridge

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Every time I come back from Denver, I rave about how I want to move there. After Germany, it was the same thing. Now San Francisco.

One of the benefits of working for a big company is training. That benefit is especially kickass when it involves a city that has good dancing (Lindy and Blues) every night of the week. A city that complains when it hits 78 degrees! This is my type of place!

Unfortunately, it’s everyone else’s place too. 1 bedroom apt (1/3 my current sqft-age) costs twice my mortgage. Dammit.

Meanwhile, they passed on me for jury duty. I’m somewhat relieved, but would have enjoyed the experience. I think the breaking point for me was when they asked “Would you be able to enforce the maximum penalty (1st degree felony 20-99 years) if you knew it true?”

“99 years for selling (less than 200g of) drugs?! That’s longer than the average life expectancy! A better question is what could possibly be that bad to enforce that type of punishment?”

Yahoo! continues to treat me well as I continue to become an even greater techie badass. (And possibly move to CA. 🙂 )

— Snoopykiss is currently re-building a Star Destroyer. But he plans to use his powers for awesome.