Another Coonass in Paris

miracles of miracles, M. Barney “I don’t need to travel.” Falgout landed
in Ch. de Gaulle airport to visit his son and explore Europe.  There were
a few issues, like the airline putting him on an earlier flight from New
Orleans to Houston because there looked like there might be delays and then
the flight from Houston to Paris being late and then woman on the flight
to Paris behind him kept hitting his chair because she claimed that she didn’t
have enough space.  However, all is now good.  He was even feeling generous
to give a metro performer some change (American quarters), which we had a
good laugh over.

The plan for this weekend is either London or a walk along the western
coast of Italy through 5 small towns there.  As is usual with my travelling,
I will decide the day of.

A bientot!

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