Going to visit the family is, of course, always a pleasant thing to do.  Have home cooking from mom, chat about the future with dad, kid around with Michelle, play with the newphews, etc., etc., etc.  However, there is one party of going to Cut Off, which I abolustely despise.  My allergies.  Plain and simple I’m allergic to my hometown, especially my home.

It didn’t bother me for the first 24 hours, but soon after I wrote my last blog entry, I would be found roaming the halls doped up on Benedril, Claritin or whatever else I could find with a box of Kleenex in my hand, like a patient with an IV trailling them.  It was absolutely miserable.  Thankfully, my sister needed a babysitter so mom and I drove up to visit her near Nawlins, and in the 8 hours that I’ve been away from Cut Off, I have started to ween myself off of the Kleenex and make a visible recovery.  I’m walking upright now.  Yeah.

My main concern is recovering in time to go dancing at the DSDS Holiday dance.  I’ll be driving directly from the airport there, so if I do make it, I’ve got a long, fun road a head of me.  Let’s hope I’m an animal enough to make it.  After taking the “Which Muppet Are You?” test, I found out that I’m Gonzo.  That’ll do.

Normally if I don’t write anything in a while, it’s been because not much has happened; however, it’s been quite the opposite as of lately.

About a month ago was Kathy and Jerry’s wedding.  For those that haven’t been blessed yet meeting these two crazy kids, they are two amazing swing (especially blues) dancers.  They’ve been dating for eons and finally tied the knot.  The wedding was at an old hall that I remembered going to a freaky fashion show years earlier.  At this fashion show they had H. R. Giger-esque models going on and even guys suspended in midair by hooks going through their back.  All very creepy stuff.  Anyway, the wedding was nothing of the such.  It was a good time where people came from all over to see the happy couple celebrate their marriage.  The festivities and dancing went till about 1-2AM.  Good party. (Don’t forget to check out the pictures of their red leather couch.)

Another good party was Janice’s Christmas Tree Decorating Party, where I got to meet Janice’s boyfriend, Brian, who is quite an accomplished West Coast Swing Dancer and is an all around cool frod.  Lanelle, Andra and Kirk (who I still think looks like Bono of U2) all joined in the decorating.  I later used the leftover ribbon to decorate my Medusa Lamp at the house as a makeshift X-mas tree.  Good party.

Next weekend, one of my favorite bands, the Polyphonic Spree threw their 3rd Annual X-mas party at the Lakewood Theater.  Along with the devoted fans wearing choir robes, were some very bizarrely dressed peeps from some girl wearing an original Battlestar Galactica outfit, to someone in an HR Puffnstuff outfit, and of course, the “non-skirt” girl.  There was also an alien ventriliquist, Mickey Mouse, and of course, Tim Delauder, the lead singer of the Polyphonic Spree.  He da man.  To top the show off, was a definition in absurdity:  A fashion show/hair cutting extravaganza.  Once the PS walked off the stage, they announced that they were giving free haircuts to anyone wanting to come up stage.  Since my hair has been getting pretty shaggy, I considered it, until I saw the absurdity occurring on stage.  It was more of a “Random shaving” than a hair cut.  I was glad to have kept my locks of hair…even though they are getting too long for me.  Good party.

I currently find myself in Cut Off, LA.  For those unaware, Cut Off, is my hometown.  To give you some type of perspective, we had 7 towns for our one high school with a graduating class of 263.  I’ll let you do the math.  Anyway, it’s about an hour southwest of New Orleans and is surrounded by marshland.  Last night was the Falgout Family Christmas party where I got a chance to pick up my accent again and listen to some of the most hilarious stories of my dad and his brothers growing up.  Some I plan to post up here, some I dare not.  All of which almost had me in tears, laughing.  Good party.

Today is Chrismas.  While wearing my Sugar Daddy PJ’s, I “bachelor wrapped” my family’s gift by putting their gifts in different compartments of my backpack and telling them which zipper to open.  We were all amused.  My big present was tools from dad to work on the house with.  Yar! 

I hope that your stocking was filled with your wishes and you’re surrounded by those that love you.

Merry Christmas,Tommy.

As of yesterday, it had been way too long since I had been dancing.  And I was itching to change that.

SO!  I donned my new chapeau, which I picked up at Hot Topic and headed off to Sons of Hermann Hall.  I caught up with a few friends of mine I hadn’t seen in some time, and just had a freggin’ blast.  I also heard the best Pirate Joke ever.  It would lose it’s interpretation over the Internet, so next time you see me, demand that I tell it to you.  YARR!!!

Then as a group of us were walking to our cars, I learned a surprising about of information about a fellow Yehoodi poster in just once brief sentence:  “Man, it’s been so long, I think my hymen is growing back.”  When I didn’t think it could get much funnier than that, I heard someone say, “What’s a hymen?”  I told him to go back to High School.

And to top it off, seven minutes after midnight, I got the most bizarre and amusing answering machine message of my life.  (Warning ~1Meg big)  For those that can’t make it out, she’s singing about a cat coughing up a furball.  Ack!’s included.  Let’s hear it for bizarre messages!

I’m still snickering over the pirate joke.  Heh heh…C’EST TOUT BIEN!!!