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His Name Be Borat


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And he likes the Sexy time.

My 3 foot LEGO Star Destroyer met it’s match yesterday as it fell from on top of the shelf, where it was perched. It suffered from a massive overdose of floor. Crap.

Thankfully, I’ve got 3 roommates and Google Earth to keep my mind occupied. That and a Kathy. And Lamb. And Kung Fu. And dancing. And a new Home Improvement Project. And a Mini Cooper. And work. Speaking of which…I should do some of that. Right after Lunch.

–Even Snoopykiss wants to know where he finds time to do it all.



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Conversation while picking up the Mini between Jeff (sales manager/old swing dance instructor) and I:
“Wanna check out your Mini while I finish up with these customers?”
*hands me keys*
“Where is it?”
“Where here?”
“Here” *points to car in showroom*
“I’ve got a showroom model?! Sweeeet!”

Needless to say, they didn’t let me drive it off the showroom, but I’m sure they got a good laugh as I stalled it numerous times trying to get onto 75.

— GLEEEEEEEE!!!! Snoopykiss is full of it.

My Garbage Can Overflow-ith

New York Sanitation ;)-

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…but I sure didn’t do it. And my neighbor’s can was pretty empty. So, now I’m suspicious about who in the area is doing OT-ing.

Regardless, life has been good. Pago the Mini isn’t here yet, but should be less than 2 weeks. Work paid for renting a theatre for a bunch of us to watch Star Wars (which didn’t suck! Huzzah!). Just finished Wicked, which was a FANTASTIC read. And apparently, I got some girl all hot and bothered because I have mad programming skills. Go me.

Lee‘s back online too!

Yarr, Steve. Yarr. (Who I just noticed grew up in Plano!)

–Snoopykiss is studying to become a Kung Fu, Fire Twirling, Programmer. Boo-ya!

Death of Electronics

Strange things are afoot at Chez Falgout. It started off with my web server eating through 3 different power supplies in 4 days before I gave up and decided to pay someone else to host my site. (Thus the new design for the somewhat observant.)

And now my phone is having as much trouble finding service as a room full of Trekkies.

BUT! My birthday is coming up and this is more than enough reason to start celebrating. Good friends and hot tubbing last night and dancing till my feet fall off for the rest of the week.

I leave you with this limerick from my good friend Matt Weyandt who now knows why men pat each other on the back 3 times:

There was once a man named Tommy,
Whose mantra was “Be kind to the hotties!”
The lassies did dig him,
On the floor, he did spin them,
Why else?
Dancin’s his hobby.

— Snoopykiss thinks you’re never too old to get spanked.

I know Kung Fu

Ok, not yet, but I’m getting there.

I signed up at Master Lee’s White Leopard School where they teach Kung Fu and Tai Chi. And I’ll have to admit, I’m a little nervous. I’m not interested in learning a way to defend myself as I’ve learned how to avoid most of these situations through general awareness of my surroundings. Instead, I’m looking for to gain some mental and physical conditioning.

Like all things that involve a large undertaking, I did lots of research. 5 different schools. Lots free sessions. No broken bones.

I’ve also started coaching the Self Expression and Leadership Program at Landmark. But instead of mental and physical conditioning, I’m working on being more self-expressed, fun and connected to people. I’m also looking to expand my ability to contribute to people more. All in all, getting back to my good ol’ wacky, happy Tommy-self.

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be getting fishies too! Yea Responsibility!

–Snoopykiss wants to know what love is. He wants you to show him.

Mrrreee of the Dead

After a 3-4 week Movie Night hiatus, we started the holiday season off right with Amityville last week and then Dawn of the Dead this week. This post is mostly about Dawn of the Dead, because it was a fine movie, and it also led to an extremely horrifying experience.

I was impressed with the movie because it wasted no time jumping right to the action. And then it didn’t let go. Thankfully, we waited to watch the movie until all of the Trick-o-Treaters who apparently drove in from other suburbs were done. (We ended up cutting the front porch light off so that they would leave us alone, but they were relentless.) But no plan of mine ever goes w/o a hitch, and my doorbell acted up again. It is known to go off on it’s own and then is left in this buzzing state. Half dead, half alive.

I pause the movie, go downstairs and then have the very sophmoric thought, “It would be awesome if I yelled out, ‘Ah! Zombie!’ to scare them…Nah, that would be too childish. I’m beyond that.”

I get to the bottom of the stairs, and then open the door. With my feet firmly planted on the ground and with every intention of just putting my arm outside to slap at the doorbell, I feel my weight shift forward and there in front of me, inches from my face is this dark figure, just a silouette.

Scared for my life, I jump back on the stairs and start screaming. Either it talked to me, or I somehow figured out who it was (Marie), but all I remember was cursing for about a minute straight.

Of course, everyone got a good laugh, including Mrree who had a very puzzled look on her face before explaining the situation.

–SnoopyKiss just wants to retreat into the safety of his own home and play GTA: SA for a few days.

Tommy’s Marriage Service

It’s always great to learn something about yourself. Especially when it deals with your impact on other people. I just had a theory of mine soundly reinforced the other day: “If you want to get married, date me. Chances are, you’ll marry the next guy you date.”

Thankfully, I end all of my relationships on good terms so I’m able to share the joy and encourage them on their way.

I don’t think of this as a positive or negative, but rather a better after effect than my other friend who had the running joke, “After you date me, you turn gay.” We were all worried about how that was going to turn out when she started dating one of my Navy friends. They’re married now. With child. So, I’m guessing he enjoyed it.

–SnoopyKiss wants a ring…A One Ring.

P.S. Oh yeah, the blues party was yet another success. These are starting to become my new favorite types of parties to throw! Right number of people too.