One of the traits I feel I’m blessed with is the ability to laugh as most any situation. This comes especially in handy with bad movies. I’m not talking about Bad Movies like, “Waterworld” or “Toys“, but BADDDDD MOVIES like, “Jack Frost 2: Revent of the Mutant Killer Snowman“, “Tromeo and Julliet“, or “Jason X“. The “straight to video” movies.

I think that watching these movies opens up your mind and soul for a new type of experience and sensation. One where your mind’s third eye is opened and and aware to new way of being and life…then stabbed by a runaway killer zombie who used to be a simple farmer, but turned the wrong way in the cornfield and decided to examine that mysterious puddle of goo coming out of the smoldering rock that wasn’t there yesterday. If you’ve ever seen “Teenage Catgirls in Heat“, then you know what I’m talking about.

Last night, I prepared myself for another ones of these experiences when Lee and I were exploring Movie Trading Company and he found this one flick, “The Specials“. The tagline is: “Not as good as regular superheroes, but slightly better than you.”. It has Thomas Haden Church (Lowell from Wings), Rob Lowe, and one of my new favorite actors, “Sean Gunn” who plays Alien Orphan/Doug.

The movie opens with a quick monologue by one of The Specials’ biggest fans. She says that The Specials weren’t the “cool” group to like when she was in school. She then says “Screw that I liked Winger better than Bon Jovi, I still do!”

It has its slow moments, and it’s hilarious moments, but if you have an open mind, then I promise that after watching this movie, you shall reach a higher level of movie consciousness.

Buddah in the House, out.

New Years are always interesting times. Finding out that Dick Clark is still alive, people are coming off of the X-mas hussle and bussle, there are more drunks on the road, people are cheerier than X-mas, and of course, the opprotunity to clear off the slate and start new.

Interestingly enough, the gathering I was at for NYE didn’t turn on the TV until the very last minute of 2002 and ended up counting down the seconds in Spanish, because we didn’t have time to change the channel. Afterwards, they had a Spanish Ska band which was interest capturing.

I’m proud to say that I don’t feel as if I have anything that I need to wipe off, but do have some new directions I’d like to take my life. And although I am typically against resolutions, because I think that they don’t amount to nothing. This year, I’ve taken on some ones that I look forward to rather than feel would be a burden:

So far, the 2003 is going well. I spent Jan 1st taking two movies off of the Movie List, vegging out, waking up to the smell of cooking pancakes, played some disc golf and had some of the best hot dogs on Earth. All that an I’ve started to develop a taste for NPR, which I listened to.

Some of the things I think will happen next year is that I will have owned my house for two years. I will probably be roommateless for the first time in about 3 years. Lee will be graduating and probably move to some far away city. I’ll miss the guy. And I plan to install a hardwood dance floor downstairs. That’ll be fun.

But in the grand scheme of things, who knows what will happen. All I know is that I plan to enjoy it extensively. In the words of Roooth Acosta, “Bring It On!”