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If I were to have a restaurant

I attended a friend’s Anniv. of the Repeal of Prohibition party on Friday. It was awesome with all of the costumes, libations, and even a secret password which you had to give though a sliding peephole to boot.

We were reminicing about the Food and Spirits party when a friend told me that if I were to open a restaurant it would need to be named ‘Nom nom nom yarr!’.

This would of course be hugely successful and need to be followed up with other specialities, similar to the Papa’s brand.

We would have the French: Tres nom and it’s sister Qui est ton nom?
The Mexican: Los Nomos
The Asian: Om Nom Nom
The Indian: Om Om Om

–Snoopykiss might be onto something here.

Food & Spirits 6

6 years is a long time to keep anything going. Especially an annual event. True, by the time the next year rolls around, you’ve forgotten how much work it was, but when you’ve got something like the Food & Spirits, it becomes with it each time.

I learned some interesting things this time around:

  • My friends are incredibly diverse. Two of them ran out to get a breaker for the hot tub @ 9:45 and installed it themselves.
  • My wife is mischievous. When said hot tub failed for the last time, and people got in anyways. She offered a bottle of Jamaican rum to the person who would last the longest. No jets. No heater. It was ~30 degrees outside. Neil won by lasting for 3 hours.
  • You can’t get rid of alcohol by throwing a party. You just accumulate more.
  • My friends are willing to drive 8+ hours just to come to the party. We had visitors from Kansas City, Tulsa and Austin. Just for this soiree.

Congrats to the winners! This year, we settled ties by having a “Duck Off”. (Pick random duck with a number on it. Highest number wins. Pure awesome.)

This is the point where I would say that I can’t wait till next year. But I’m hoping to have a new floor by then. That way I’m not embarrassed by statements like, “New Rule: If you make a stain. You have to sign it.”

Till next year!


Flash Drives

On Monday, for the first time ever, I bought a flash drive. Considering that I also still don’t have a DVD burner, many of my friends could consider this as being “behind the times”. Instead, I think of this as being far ahead of the times. I’ve never needed one.

Anything small enough to fit on one could be emailed and anything bigger than that could be found on a torrent. I found that people usually used them to share Word Docs, MP3’s and/or pr0n. If you were on a computer that had those, you were probably already close enough to email them.

The reason I finally caved and got one was for more of my “ahead of the curve” obsession. Boxee ( is my new toy. I’ve been able to convert an Apple TV from a crippled iTunes box to an internet multimedia playhouse. Hulu,, Comedy Central and soon Netflix will all be available from one box.

The plan is to also rip our movies to disk so that we no longer have to deal with disks anymore. The world is moving to streaming video. And I like it.

–Snoopykiss is an early adapter. It can be expensive. But it sure is fun.

Still got it.

For Kathy’s Birthday, we went to see Eddie Izzard. I was concerned since I heard that he wasn’t as funny outside of his original attire (read: In a dress), but it was a sold-out show and those can only mean good things, right?


Charles Darwin



No warm-up comedian. No break. Just laughing till the jam hit the roof. Fantastic.

’bout Damn Time

No big hooplah.

No major fanfare.

Hell, it was about 3 weeks after it happened before I told anyone.  Most people still don’t know.

Katherine Denise Falgout.  That’s going to sound funny.  (Thomas Milton Carter?)

Lee, if you’re reading this, you’re the best man.  If you call me back.  Otherwise taking applications/bribes. 

I’m a survivor

Another company, another round of layoffs. And I’m still here.

Regarding all of the speculation of getting bought out from MS, News Corp and who knows who else, the only one that sparks my interest is Apple. That would be fun, I would totally love to see the two rise up together and form an alliance that would bring users exactly what they’re looking for with the greatest of ease and with a beautiful interface.

Although the purple might clash with brushed steel, I’m sure that Yang and Jobs can work that out.

On a side note: Kitties!!!!!!

There’s Enara and Geroge / Motorboat / Squid. They’re a bunch of fun and are enjoying romping around the house and on my abdomen. Even when I’m asleep. They’re beautiful. Come check them out!

–Snoopykiss just saw a Cowboy Mouth concert and is truly Glad to Be Alive.

That’s my car!

Here’s a picture of my car, on Google Maps, behind the old Yahoo Building in Deep Ellum. Wheee!

And for more wackiness: Drunk monkeys!

I also want to thank everyone for your support through the craziness/adversity I was facing. And despite the way it was worded, it wasn’t all of DSDS that was attacking me, just one person. One person who thinks that I would be the instrument of Dallas’ downfall.

What’s funny, is that I almost believed him.

— Snoopykiss knows that cake is a lie.

In spite of adversity

They make movies about people fighting for what they believe in. There’s usually some battle anthem with an emotional score and actors playing out well defined parts. Maybe someone dies or suffers a personal injury. And you often to get watch it from the comfort of your home and feel inspired to do something…anything. And have that thing be something that brings out a new beginning.

But then you sneeze and the feeling goes away.

I’ve sneezed many times, but this time I held my nose and the feeling lingered. I’ve found that the swing dancers of Dallas are begging for something new. Something outside of the same musical rotation which has been played for the past few years. A challenge.

I decided to present to the Dallas Swing Dance Society board a proposition of creating a new dance opportunity. I had hoped to write a piece of paper and then present it to the Board and see what happens. Instead, I got a phone call from one of the leading figures of the dance scene telling me that the Board would not accept my idea, telling me that I associate with people who they do not respect as human beings, that if I “Fuck this up” (i.e. bring a bad reputation to Dallas), then they “won’t know me anymore”, and that DSDS would not have anything to do with me anymore.

Needless to say, I was quite hurt by the attack. To the point that I planned on withdrawing my proposal. However, with the support of other dancers, they helped me get back on track and take the presentation to the board.

A proposal which was very well received and had a lot of support. Nothing is finalized, but words cannot express how much of a personal victory this has been for me. In spite of the verbal beating I took, I was able to say, “Fuck it. This is something I believe in. Something the community will directly benefit from. I’m not going to let someone tear me down from it.”

To those who supported me: Thanks, from me and everyone who will benefit from this in the future.