5 Years already?!

Didn’t I move to Dallas just a few weeks ago?Didn’t I start working for Nortel the day after that?
Didn’t I just buy my house?!
Then what the heck is this email saying that I’m getting a gift for my 5 years of employment?!!!

Hopefully, that doesn’t mean that I’m getting old.  Because that would probably require me settling down, getting married, having little rugrats, and being “responsible.”  I’ve successfully avoided all of that so far, and I plan on continuing to do so.

I plan on having a small taste of this whole, “family” thing coming soon as my house will soon have it’s “maximum family stability factor” tested when Melissa stays here for a few days before heading back to Maryland, and my mom and dad come to visit and bring my two nephews, Charles and Evan.  Yes, I will be good to see all of them; however, I’m not sure how high my “family tolerance” meter goes to.  I bet that it’ll be pushed to 11.

The Utah Swing Exchange is getting more and more on my mind as the time nears.  Yea!  I used to think that I would get some of my best new pics at Utah, but I’m starting to think that the prize winners can be the expressions I get when I tell them that I’m going to Utah to dance. 

“You’re going to Utah…to dance?!  They have music over there?””You mean, you don’t know these people and you’re going to stay with them?”

I should have my pics from my second trip to the Scar. Renaissance Faire up soon.  Word to the wise:  Don’t go when raining.  Blah.

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