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So, I’ve realized that I haven’t posted here in a while, and I think that’s because I usually spend a lot of time working on getting all sorts of links in with my stories, which takes a considerable amount of time.  However, since I want this to be more of an online journal and less of a online link-fest, I’m now resolving myself to posting more often but less links.  Except for really cool ones.

As I’m sure most of you know two weekends ago was the Dallas Lindy Exchange.  I was one of the team leads and had a freggin’ blast.  It wasn’t until the Saturday night dance that I finally got my groove on, but once I did, I was ready to jet.  Lots, and lots of pictures and even three different albums!  (Thanks Greg and Jerry!)

Every year, Waxahachie (sp?) is blessed with two special events.  One of which is the Hallowween Fright show, and the other is Scarborough Faire.  This is a grand Renaisance Festival from April 12th to June 1st.  I went once and I’m determined to make it to every one from now on.  Gene, Becky and I herded on over there at the bright hour of 9AM.  (yeah, I know it’s not early, but for me, that’s harsh on a Sunday)  Mine eyes did feast upon many beautiful costumes and I also had a slight revelation:  Not all breasts look good squashed together in very tight costumes.  I did end up running into a number of people like the security guard for my building at Nortel, an old friend from Landmark of 4 years ago, and Erin Finn and Teel Flemming.  (You might remember these two from a Mardi Gras, and Food and Spirits Party from a while back.  They’re cool peeps.  Just trust me.)

Now, the pictures are uploaded and I’m ready to crash.Good night everybody!  (Good night Tommy!)

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