Wacky antics ensued.

I want to shout out to a few people who helped make this last party such a huge success:

  • DJ FU! Who kept the tunes raging and the people dancing from 8PM-2AM.
  • The Tommy Support Team: You know who you are and what you did. This party was a hit and kept on going because of your efforts. I’m blessed to have y’all as friends.
  • The Cleanup Krew: Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies. And there were a few there to move.
  • Everyone and anyone who contributed to the party.

Now to go crawl under a rock for a while…

Oh yeah, the pics are up. And no, not THOSE pics.

So many great games out there. So little time to play. Lee tells me about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and how great it is, how I should play it; however, I’m pretty sure that I’ll never finish it.

On Saturday, tho, the Heavens and the Earth will collide in an EPIC moral battle beyond all expectations. No-Pants Santa’s gonna be there.

–SnoopyKiss wants somebody to love. Don’t you want somebody to love?

Too many things have happened since I’ve last posted for me to describe in any great length, so here’s the 5 minute ramblings:

  • Most of the Falgout Family came into town to visit. I even got Charles, my nephew, to come out dancing. I never knew I could have so much fun pimping out my own nephew for dancing. 🙂
  • Had Thanksgiving dinner with my family…at IHOP…at 9AM before they left for Cut Off.
  • Got stuffed into a closet. *snicker*
  • After two weeks of no returned calls from Brooke, finally heard from her on Thanksgiving day. We talked about what happened and how I didn’t hear from her in such a long while. She promised to call me…a few days later: still haven’t heard back from her.
  • I’m STOKED about the Naughty or Nice party coming up on the 20th. It’s just less than 2 weeks away and I’ve already got 40+ people confirmed. There’s gonna be prizes, a DJ, a Blues room and a visit from No-Pants Santa!
  • I finally took a non-Lindy Exchange trip! Goddess Kathy found me cheap-ass tickets to Denver which I could not pass up, so packed up some warm clothing and jumped my butt over to Colorado. It’s there that I met a whole bunch of Yehoodites I’d talked to before and most amazingly, Jen Hohnstein! Some might have heard my “First Kiss” story (aka, “Tommy, I’m so drunk I can’t find your mouth.”), well Jen was an instigator of that immortal night. After her Freshman year of Tulane, she dropped off the face of the Earth and I ran across her while dancing in Boulder! I even got to play with myself!
  • I got a new girlfriend. Long brown hair and blue eyes. I know that they care; because, it shows in my call log. His name’s Rob. 🙂 Sorry Christine, but I found him first! He knows how to make me do “Man Swivles.” (Just kidding mom!)
  • My Strong Bad CD came in…and I’m so glad the Cheat’s not dead.
  • What’s one to do when you’ve been living in your house for over 2 years and a package comes for the previous owners that got shipped back due to a Custom’s failure?