It had been a while since my last Exchange, so when it came time for Tulsa’s, I knew that I had to be there. I also brought along Lee and Miss Heather who found themselves .

On Size: No, LOLX was not a huge exchange, about 60 people or so. But with last year, I think that people were expecting something different.

On Quality: One of the things I loved most about this exchange were the people. So many cool people to talk to, so little sleep had. One of my new finds was a Lounge covers of of NiN, Papa Roach, Disturbed and other “Angry White Boy Music “(tm).

On Longevity: Arriving at 11PM on Friday and leaving 4AM on Monday, this gave us the maximum amount of Exchange for the minimal amount of vacation time (Read: 0 days).

On Pillow Talk: One of my favorite moments was finally getting a chance to sit down with an old college friend of mine who I “ran into” while in Denver about 6 months ago. It’s always intriguing to converse with someone who knew you 8 years ago. That and compare “Halle Stories”. 🙂

In Conclusion: For those that made it, I’m overjoyed to have spent a weekend with you. And those that missed, this may sound crude, but I’m glad you had your plans, as it wouldn’t have been the same Exchange if y’all crowded the place like a Tommy party.

On playing favorites: Without a doubt. But a close second.

Speaking of which…

The weekend that kept getting wackier still lives!

It started with seeing an X and getting insanely jealous. That was later calmed down by attending The Angry Asian’s “Stereotypical Party”, where you come dressed up as the worst stereotype of your race. I was about to go home and mope until I was told that I couldn’t until I went to see “Madame Wong”. Boy, that was a good idea.

The next day pushed my limits of stress and ability to deal with physical threats. These two unrelated “tests” involved gunshots from outside at 1:30, and later, an unwelcome visitor who burst into my bedroom in an outrage and had some very unpleasant and tramatic things to say. Thank God I was dressed.

Throughout the numerous ordeals, I was brought back to sanity with the help of my amazing friends who don’t mind getting 4:30AM emergency phone calls from me.

Today has been interesting as I’m finally getting a few week’s worth of laundry done, got a Thank You card from Barb and (OMG!) Mentos from Australia and New Zealand from about the coolest person on Earth!

And then I got an SMS from Brooke. Now I know why she disappeared for so long. Maybe I should have left a “Tommy was here” in the closet.

–SnoopyKiss can’t wait to settle down with some girl that won’t eat his Mentos.