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Road trips are funny things. You never know what’s going to happen or where the conversations are going to go. Thankfully, between George, G and I, we were able to keep it going around one of my favorite subjects. No wait…two of them. And that’s awesome.

After a great day at Jazz Fest where I totally grooved on the Gospel Tent. There was also a B-day and other celebration party which involved lots of cool people and then a late night run to the French Quarter and closing down 3 bars, one right after the other. And some dancing on the pool table.

Day 3 involved being all nostalgic about Tulane while coming across some very interesting sidewalk musings. That and lunch with the family.

One of the most amazing parts for me was that for the first time ever, I actually wanted to stay. Most everyone has heard me complain about NO, but this time things were different. Or I was. Whatever. I enjoyed it immensely.

–Snoopykiss has a new roommie coming in! I better straighten up the place. And myself!

Blurry Blues

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Some day, I’m actually going to go to St. Louis and check out the city instead of Blues dancing till 4AM. But until I get tired of dancing with goregous women, The Arch will have to wait.

This past weekend was no exception, as Cheap Thrills is a Blue Dance Workshop weekend put on by the main peeps of the Gateway City. One of my favorites being Sara, who graciously let me and 4 other Lindyhoppers lay waste to her place for the weekend.

The experience started off by jumping into a moving vehicle, and ended with two of my new favorite photos.

Another great part of the weekend was my entry for the “How Blues Can You Get” contest where one lucky winner got their registration refunded. My “Liquid Blues” entry came in Honorable Mention, while the winner was Miss Karen who came up with an actual song. I had no problem losing to actual talent.

For them that’s interested, here’s my Entry:

After a long day of work, or a really bad breakup, or finding out that
your grandmother just got mauled by a runaway combine harvester,
you’ve probably got “Da Blues”.

While modern medicine has made some significant progresses in curing
“Da Blues”, there are usually nasty side effects that occur when one
tries to circumvent the natural process of letting Da Blues pass over
them. These side effects are somewhere in the range of: Dry Skin,
Head Aches, Impotancy, Itchy-ness, Bitchy-ness, and having to pay too
much money for a pill smaller than your fingernail.

In my personal experience, and mind you, growing up in the Bayous of
Louisiana in a small town called Cut Off, one really gets to know the
meaning of Da Blues. Where was I? Oh yes, in my personal experience,
I’ve found much wisdom in the words of my friend Lee, “The only way
out is through!” With that said, the only way to cure Da Blues is to
get it in ya.

I propose: Liquid Blues.

1 Part Blue Curacao
1 Part Amaretto
2 Part Sprite

Wash, rinse, repeat until you no longer feel Blue.

-Tommy “SnoopyKiss” Falgout.

P.S. MUCH experimentation went into creating the formula for this. 5
professional drunkards, 15 different types of alcohol, 2 packs of
blueberries, Blue KoolAid, Blue food coloring, Blue punch, Blue
Martini mix. Pretty much anything blue and edible/drinkable and a
well stocked liquor cabinet was fully utalized. But remember folks,
don’t try this alone. Drinking is always best with friends. I mean,
who else is going to take pictures to keep you from running for public

My finances can be best described as: Feast or Famine.

Frugal. Frugal. Frugal. SPLURGGGGEEE!!!

Such as this past week where I’ve been living off of leftovers and sandwitches and then last night where I put a $1K pre-deposit for my new car and went to Fogo De Chao for dinner.

Next weekend: Cheap Thrills, babye.

Oh yeah, how I plan to pay for my habits as well as a cheap plug for my favorite online Web Comic: http://www.spamusement.com/
Jennylynn4064: I need a place to live
lastcoolnameleft: My house.
lastcoolnameleft: 🙂
lastcoolnameleft: Adn then commute to Denver
Jennylynn4064: perfect
lastcoolnameleft: See? That’s pretty easy, eh?
Jennylynn4064: oh, wait. can Julie live there too?
lastcoolnameleft: Sure. It’s 4 bedrooms.
Jennylynn4064: ok, now it’s perfect.
Jennylynn4064: how long’s the commute to Denver?
lastcoolnameleft: Oh Um. Weren’t you supposed to be working on that teleporter?
Jennylynn4064: I was, but then school got in the way
Jennylynn4064: I thought I sent the specs to you?
Jennylynn4064: so you could take over the development process?
lastcoolnameleft: Oh crap! They probably went to my Junkmail folder.
lastcoolnameleft: You didn’t put the title as, “Make the machine go faster”, did you?
Jennylynn4064: no, it was probably more like New High tech product thats sure to please

— Snoopykiss can’t wait until the parents find out about this.