How good can good food be?

A question recently pondered by myself right after my recent Food and Spirits party. And I think I found the limit.

After talking about how she took the leftover chocolate fondue and threw in whipped cream and poured it over pound cake, Kathy’s friend realized that this was tasty enough that she’d “Punch a Nun”.

NOTE: To all you nun-lovers out there: I highly doubt that this friend would go around actually punching nuns for pound cake. But what if she opened up a Denny’s/La Quinta rival: Punching Nun Inn/Slap a 4 Year Old Diner.

Crack a Cardinal Tuesday’s.
4 Year Old Friday’s.

Wrong, yes. But it’s be tasty. I’d eat there.

–Snoopykiss wishes he could Feast on Asphalt.