Yes. I’m married. It happened.

It’s become obvious to me that a number of people still relate to me as my old party/bachelor-esque lifestyle.

“I thought you’d never marry.”
“Last chance. I’ve got the car running if you want to bolt.”
“I was starting to wonder about you.” — My Dad.
“Wha-wha-what? Can you back up 3 sentences?”

I don’t think of it as much as no longer having the wild and crazy parties. I think of it as having found someone whose company I enjoy in between the “New and (Mostly) Family Friendly Soirees”.

She’s quite a gal. Anyone who’s met her can attest to it. Anyone who hasn’t can probably imagine since she’s putting up with me.

— Snoopykiss now has a ring. But keeps forgetting it.

P.S. When we came back from the honeymoon, some friends invaded our house with ~1000 duckies. It was awesome. Except for the one under the pillow. I’ll get you back, Neil.

Duckie Invasion

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