The Transporter

If you’re already seen any of his movies, (5th Element, The Messenger, The Professional, Le Femme Nikita), then hopefully you already know this. However, his latest movie “The Transporter
kick much arse. (I’m trying to refrain from cursing, because I found out
that my mom REALLY DOES read my website. :)┬ Thanks mom.)

Not to ruin any part of the full movie experience for you, I’ll tell you what┬ myself, Lee and Matt┬ learned from it:

  • How to hotwire a Mercedes
  • How to hotwire a human (or the machine that goes PING!)
  • How to hotwire the door to someone else’s house.
  • Always keep scuba gear (and a spare attachment) in your basement which is connected to the sewer.
  • Letting female hostages go potty on road trips is a bad idea.
  • And a few other things that could be useful in some unforseen future.
  • When hiding out after attacking the bad guy’s stronghold, watch out for anti-tank missiles
  • Quiet is good. Too quiet is bad.

It really sounds like the main character read my friends’ “Rusty” and Sarah’s “Worst Case Scenerio” book and was prepared for everything.

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