No shit?! … Shit

The above conversation was an excerpt from a conversation I had with a drunk kid one recent Sunday morning when I told him that I told him I graduated from Tulane. (where he was studying) I then told him that he was a long way from home.

Drunk people amuse me. At least the ones you find at Denny’s and IHOP at 1-2 AM. Having had a relative killed by a drunk driver, that is about the extent of my tollerance of them. Oh yeah, and then there was that time where Evil Roommate Steve was so drunk that he got me laughing because he was so loony. At one point he turned to me as he was sprawled out on the couch and said, Hey Tommy. What?


In some sort of dumb male way, it was really funny. But not as funny as Whataburgerwhat? Heh Heh.

On a less than humerous note, the growing tension surrounding Iraq and N. Korea. Part of the US is Pro-Peace, and part is Anti-Saddam. I don’t know where I stand yet. I think that a peaceful resolution would be to the benefit of the world, but how? And what can I do to help? As I drove by downtown Dallas last night, looking at the skyline, I turned to it and said, “Don’t go anywhere…ever.” I’d hate for one of the building in Dallas to be destroyed and then replaced by a less than practical solution.

Peace Out! (And I mean it)Tommy.

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