I went through my site stats today and found something amazing.
I had 140K+ hits to my site last year. January’s not even over and I’m almost at 10K hits, with 1100+ hits just today!

You love me! You really do love me! Or at least my pics…

–SnoopyKiss feels validated. But not like a parking ticket.

Another weekend, another party.

This time, it was a bit more personal focused, than an all out, Crazy Go Nutz time. Some Okies thought that they could actually dance better than us, so by some miracle, they were actually able to follow directions and make it down to Dallas for the 2nd SmackDown.

There were some pre-dance activities which involved me showing off my “mad shuffleboard skillz”, and Heather (#6; Double-Three; C; Casey; < Insert Personalized designation here >) schooling everyone in pool. And I don’t mean: Winning. I mean: Slack jawwed Okie still has 4 solids on the table as she sinks the 8 and gloats. It was like all out Pool-sodomy.

Afterwards, there was a major good time at Party Central (Chez Falgout) involving some damn fine blues dancing and music, an interesting game of “I Never”, and a visitation from the local Police at 5AM.

–SnoopyKiss thinks it’s time to give in and buy a professional steam cleaner.

Last year, I resolved to: “Not make any New Years Resolutions.” I’m not sure if I either totally succeeded, or completely failed. So, this year, I decided to put some effort into this. About 2 minutes later, I sneezed and the feeling went away.

Due to a number of fortunate events in my life, I have found myself evolving and breaking out into those areas I have, for so long, ignored and passed over: Being a Normal Human Being.

  • Cooking: My first experience in this arena actually happened on New Years Eve Eve, where I completely surprised myself and Angelica with my ability to make a really good flank steak. These directions were provided in the new steak knives I got for X-mas.
  • Spending X-mas with the family: I didn’t tell my family I was going to Louisiana tuntil the last minute because the drive there makes me regretful of ever leaving Europe where one can drive 30 mph over whatever speed you think might be appropriate. God Bless Lee and his desire for adventure to spend X-mas with a bunch of coonasses. I also got to take a few cool pictures too!
  • Work on the house: I’ve LOOKED at new wallpaper. That should could for something.
  • Trying new dishes: From my new diet, I’ve been eating Oats long enough to know that they won’t kill me. Maybe asparagus won’t either.

I’m also really happy to say that I have fully recovered from the parties. I think I’ve apologize to everyone who deserved it too. 🙂