iTunes: From God to Gastly in 1 hour

Since I still hadn’t conquered my blues, I thought, “Hey! Maybe if I buy stuff, I’ll feel better.” I’ve heard women do that, so I decided to try it out for myself.

Here’s my progression:

  • Breakup -> Blues
  • Went shopping and found 2 DVD’s of Happy Tree Friends and cool new pants and shoe rack that I’ve been needings for about 2 years -> Happy
  • Got home and listened to Blues -> Blues
  • Put together shoe rack -> Productive
  • Watched Happy Tree Friends DVD -> Amused
  • Found KICK ASS “Break Up Songs” compilation on iTunes, which really hits the spot -> Elated!
  • Problem downloading songs via iTunes, chatted with friends -> Happy
  • Finally downloaded files with iTunes. Some files missing -> Irked
  • Found out iTunes won’t let me re-download music I’ve purchased. (Even when their software failed the original download.) -> PISSED!

I would go to sleep, but now I’ve got two very prevelant reoccuring thoughts in my head, “I HATE iTunes” and “la la LA LA LA”.

— SnoopyKiss will have interesting dreams tonight.

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