Would you like an apple pie with that?

I’ve got so many great taglines to use in my jorunals, but so little content. This latest one sparked my imagination after a fairly reenactment of this happened at the BK near my work.

Few things put me me in the holiday sprit. That’s one of them.

I’ve also been proud of myself as I’ve finally embraced the idea of doing my homework. Growing up in Louisiana, you usually couldn’t get me to go outside unless you tossed the computer out the window. And even then, that would be because I was attached to it. So, that I actually bought and USED a weed-wacker, is about as shocking as having Mushmouth replace Dick Clark and getting the countdown right!

I’m also excided as I will be getting a minion (read: Co-op) at work. Don’t know what else to say.

–SnoopyKiss just got professionally insulted, and feels honored.

P.S. After-hours blues party = Good, Good, Good, Better.

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