Within the last 6 hours of my stint in Portland, I’m in the back seat of Barb’s (who must have cast some type of spell on my Lee to make him so smitten by her), almost drooling on her pillow (containing a patter that strangely resembles a part of the female anatomy) and I then wake up to the Pacific Ocean. Not just any part of it. Cannon Beach…”Astoria.”…Where they shot “Goonies“.

“Holy cow! That’s…”

Having never woken up to such a majestic site in my life, I started frolicking.. I had no idea that this was what my soul needed. Upteen billion gallons of water. And a rock sticking out of it.

Thanks Barb and Lee, for the grand-times. Oh yeah, and for letting me play with your iPod. I’m sure eventually, I’ll learn to use it properly.

And a special thank you to Heidi. I was never a big fan of sushi. (Now I know it’s about as good of a laughing instrument as milk.) Oh yeah, and for the Architecture geek-out time too.

–SnoopyKiss feels like doing The Truffle Shuffle.

P.S. Check out my panoramic pics. Lee says they are “TEH RULES!”.

Aside from finding out how much traffic I actually get on this side, one of my favorite things to do is see how people discover this site. This is done by HTTP Referer logs, which I keep.

One of my favorites so far was something along the lines of a Google search on “squid sex”.

Some of the ones currently amusing me on the list are:

  • MSN search on wet naughty school girl pics
  • Google.com: Nakes Yehoodies
  • Yahoo.com: Dallas Massage Girl Happy Ending
  • Yahoo.com: Hemaphrodite Stories
  • Netscape.com: How Do You Know When Your Cherry’s Been Popped
  • Dogpile.com: Her Name Brooke Sugar Daddy

And a few other’s I’m afraid to mention.

–SnoopyKiss is worried about the people out there. And this is coming from a guy who licks people.

Pop: Portland.

Yup, that’s where I’m at right now. You steal my best friend long enough, I’m bound to fly up there and visit him. While waiting for my vacation to kick into 6th Gear, I’m listening to about the largest iTunes collection I’ve seen so far, and am in envy of Lee’s iPod. Sooon…After my new hardwood floor.

Pop: Siblings.

My sister (unflattering picture forthcoming), came to visit me with her rugrats and hubby. It was great seeing her again and make up for all of family time that we’ve missed out on. Another trip to 6 Flags was in order and I’ve learned that the power behind a woman with an expired ticket and determination can make it through those gates.

Push, Pop: Europe canned.

Soooonn…after hardwood floor and new kitchen.

Pop: Midgets.

TMBG concert: Good!
Getting free tickets to Midget Wrestling in addition: Mo’ Betta!

Shift: Perl

I think I’ve been doing too much of it. I’ll leave that on the stack for another day.

–SnoopyKiss thinks that he might have found the only job better than his curent one.