Urinal Noise

Coming from a guy who has a national reputation for licking people, one can imagine that it would take something fierce to really gross me out.

I also live pretty much an open book life, but there are some times that are sacred to me. Namely, when I’m releaving my bodily needs. I think that those are times that should be done behind closed doors and with no one else observing or even being aware. (I’ll admit that I’ve done my buisness while on the phone before, but it’s one of those things that I feel really guilty about and made sure that I was on mute during those un/comforting times. So, that makes it ok.)

Therefore, I was surprised when I walked into the work bathroom to find someone giving directions while operating “hands-free”. I then took it upon myself to ensure that his compantion was quite aware of his social faux pas (pis?). No hitting the back wall, I was aiming for the water, baby. I was somehow able to fill the entire bathroom with that famous sound and could tell that I made my urinal-neighbor quite shifty as he obviously was trying to quicken his own process. But these are things you really can’t rush. No really.

When he finally left (I forget if he washed afterwards), I felt somewhat guilty, but even more embarassed when I noticed I was laughing all by myself at a urinal. Great story for the next guy.

— Snoopykiss wants a mini. Cooper that is.

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