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is the sound that the Universe makes when it bends to my will. And I think that I’ve been having that one track on repeat these past few days.

After some unfortunate potential roommate situations, I’ve got 2 of them coming in! 2 of them. And that’s awesome.


I’m supposed to be picking up “PAGO” tomorrow. And now I’m looking for iPod interfaces for it. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s going to be a complete productivity killer as I’ll just go around chanting “MINIMINIMINIMINI!”


One small hitch, but amazing story is how I had to get a valid TX DL to pick up my car. I’ve been driving around with an expired one for a few months. I go to the DMV and see “Now Serving: 414, 413, 412” and about 100 people sitting down, looking like their very lifeforce is being sucked out of them. From their chairs.

While waiting in line to get a number, “912” shows up next. As I’m talking to the clerk, some guy asks what 912 is, and she said, it’s a special number. I told him it’s how much you had to pay to get in line next. Soon after 415 is called. I tell the clerk my story about how I ordered my DL, but never got it and she gives me 913.
Jokingly: “So, does this mean I’m next?”
*mouth drops* *5 second pause*
“Now serving 913”
I swiftly sauntered down the rows of zombies and never looked back because I knew I had about 100 people waiting to rip my head off at the slightest bit of hesitation. I think I was the only happy person there. In and out in 15 minutes.


And now I’m looking forward to a long weekend of getting kidnapped by a lovely lady who knows her Transvestites.

Whoompda. Whompda.

–Snoopykiss is going to run off with the car, the money and the girl.

New York Sanitation ;)-

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…but I sure didn’t do it. And my neighbor’s can was pretty empty. So, now I’m suspicious about who in the area is doing OT-ing.

Regardless, life has been good. Pago the Mini isn’t here yet, but should be less than 2 weeks. Work paid for renting a theatre for a bunch of us to watch Star Wars (which didn’t suck! Huzzah!). Just finished Wicked, which was a FANTASTIC read. And apparently, I got some girl all hot and bothered because I have mad programming skills. Go me.

Lee‘s back online too!

Yarr, Steve. Yarr. (Who I just noticed grew up in Plano!)

–Snoopykiss is studying to become a Kung Fu, Fire Twirling, Programmer. Boo-ya!