We’re so white!

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Ok, so I knew my car was cool. I mean, it’s a Mini Cooper. Decent gas milage, a stylish look, and “A Juicy Butt”.

But I had no idea that on Highway 2222 in Austin, I would find out how supremely badass my car is. Taking each turn 2-3x faster than those yellow blurs advised me to, I’ve been glowing this entire week. A full day at Six Flags doesn’t even comes close to how much adreneline was going through my body. I also finally broke it in at 103.

There was also some tubing and in Weyandt’s Army, I’ve been appropriately titled, “Private Button Pusher.”

–Snoopykiss’ car makes girls moist. In the good way.


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And he likes the Sexy time.

My 3 foot LEGO Star Destroyer met it’s match yesterday as it fell from on top of the shelf, where it was perched. It suffered from a massive overdose of floor. Crap.

Thankfully, I’ve got 3 roommates and Google Earth to keep my mind occupied. That and a Kathy. And Lamb. And Kung Fu. And dancing. And a new Home Improvement Project. And a Mini Cooper. And work. Speaking of which…I should do some of that. Right after Lunch.

–Even Snoopykiss wants to know where he finds time to do it all.

a friendly game of chess

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Shot Glasses for Chess Pieces…What a brilliant idea!

And for extra craziness, what if each side gets to fill one shot glass (say a pawn) with something nasty like lemon juice and the captor has to shoot it. Probably speed up the game too.

I’ve also been having too much fun with my iDude, taking pictures of his butt, his abduction pictures, action poses, etc.

Ideas for more Chess deviations are welcome!

iPody Dude.

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BIG UPS! to Ruby for accessorizing one of my favorite toys.

9 Guests last weekend, half of which I never new before.
8, 8, I forget what 8 is for
7 Bottles of Wine and Apple Happiness in the fridge
6 hours till party where I clean above the above 7 containers
5 Golden rings.
4th of July house cleaning
3 Roommates.
2 Here
1 Incoming.