No Pant Muse

It’s dang near impossible to go two years of living without noticing some changes to your habits/lifestyle. Oddly enough, I realized one of these updates is the deep desire to live a life free of pants and the restrictions they impose.

I believe in every man’s right to drop trow and say, “I’m sick and tired of these things! I have long enough, tolerated the inequities of my balls stuck on right! Or your left, if your left-balled. Or even if you’re ambi-sac-trous. Regardless! We should not have to deal with the tyrannies of britches!”

And then I got to wonder, where did this newfound Trouser Rebellion come from? The closest I could find was that it was around the same time I met Kathy. Applying the same “Pirates Cause Global Warming” logic, I knew that she must be the cause.

Case Closed.

P.S. Snoopykiss has jury duty tomorrow. And you know what? He’d rather be working.

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