I’m a survivor

Another company, another round of layoffs. And I’m still here.

Regarding all of the speculation of getting bought out from MS, News Corp and who knows who else, the only one that sparks my interest is Apple. That would be fun, I would totally love to see the two rise up together and form an alliance that would bring users exactly what they’re looking for with the greatest of ease and with a beautiful interface.

Although the purple might clash with brushed steel, I’m sure that Yang and Jobs can work that out.

On a side note: Kitties!!!!!!

There’s Enara and Geroge / Motorboat / Squid. They’re a bunch of fun and are enjoying romping around the house and on my abdomen. Even when I’m asleep. They’re beautiful. Come check them out!

–Snoopykiss just saw a Cowboy Mouth concert and is truly Glad to Be Alive.

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