Reflections in the Mirror

I’ve decided to journal again, not because I need something else to do (Father, Husband, Principal Developer @ Yahoo, Scrum Master, President and Founder of DFW Trebuchet, Team Lead for “Trey Bouchet”), but because I’ve lost focus.

I’ve learned that my ambition is often greater than my common sense. While this helps forward my goals, the overuse of my greatest strength soon becomes my greatest weakness. And as I write, erase and re-write these words, it helps me search deeper into myself for my true intent. And I think that’s what I’m really searching for. Similar to how artists chip away a perfectly good stone to release the sculpture underneath, I think it’s time for me to shed those internal monologues and responsibilities that no longer reflect me.

I’ve taken over many responsibilities because I have a vision for how great the endgame will be (DFW Trebuchet, various work projects); however, over time those same passions become a burden as my role devolves from leader to lynchpin. And this is where I continue to work on turning the breakdown to a breakthrough. I’m not sure what it will take, or even how long. However, I’m sure that it will involve me reaching out to my community and garnering their support. Most likely by helping me pull my head out of my ass.

– Snoopykiss is looking to get his groove back.

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