Speak of the devil.

I wish that this “journal” wasn’t online for everyone to see. And I also
know that if I really wanted to, that I could have a separate online journal
that noone else could read, but I don’t like to spread myself like that because
I know that if I have too many things to keep track of, I won’t keep track
of any of them.

Anyway, I feel like listing off all of the things I’m nervous about at this exact moment:

  • The roommate situation with Ann is wearing on me.

Ok. Thankfully, I don’t believe in coincidences, because I never would have been able to explain this one:

Right as I finished typing that last sentence Ann “magicly” appeared behind me. By coincidence…yeah, right!

So, here I am, writing about how the situation with Ann is wearing on
me, only to hear a “Hello.” behind me. I never even heard the garage door
go off. I felt my brain go “KA-POW!”. I kept staring at the screen, half
hoping that she wouldn’t see, half hoping that she would see what I wrote
and get the message. Being the amazing roommate that she is, she asked if
there was anything I wanted to talk about. To which I said, “No…er…um…yeah.
I have been really annoyed with you lately.” She then listened to what I
had to say and what she did that really ticked me off and then I listened
to what she had to say that really ticked her off. At the end, everything
was calm and peaceful again.

That was DEFINITELY not predictable. And I also see the huge benefit
it is to just sit and listen to someone’s complaint/upset. Just listen.
She got what was upsetting me and I got what was upsetting her. And in the
end, we had a new relationship.

Life is good.

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