In this society of uncertainty and insecurity of ones future, there are always those little things that managers can say to you that have you realize that they’re not going to lay you off anytime soon. Today, I heard those special words…

Working in Nortel’s 3rd Generation Wireless Department (3G/UMTS/Wireless Data), I’m developing this script which will be able to configure their servers automatically in a matter of minutes. You see this, is a big deal, because many times, it takes people hours if not days to configure their switch properly. So, needless to say, this is a BIG deal. And I’m the brains behind the operation there.

Anywho, I’m doing all of my development on this separate workstation I have in my cube. And everything pretty much resides on it. I was talking to my manager today about future roles for me and he said that he wanted documentation of everything, because “If you were to die tomorrow, we’d be screwed.” (If you haven’t caught on by now, those are the Special Words I was referring to earlier.)

Some people might think that’s morbid. Some people might think that means I’ve got more work to do. Some people might get a power trip from that…but Me…I think that’s AWESOME! (Ok, maybe I enjoy the power trip a tad, but that’s ok.) You see, I have now proven my value to the company, and future productivity now is vested in my staying with Nortel. Now yes, I know that once I’m done with this project, that I can be canned, but I’ve also got a few ideas up my sleeve that I can prevent to management for future job security. 🙂

Feeling good about myself and looking forward to the Studio 54 party on Friday-Me.

First off, the title is the beginning of a very interesting story that goes against everything mom brought me up learning.

It started off with me going swing dancing at the Sammon Center for the Arts where there was going to be a costume contest. Some of the people there looked really good while some looked really evil. (The front of her T-shirt says, “Evil” in blood read.) Of course, I got decked out as Disco Stu and rocked the casba. My friend Andre then approached me about heading out to the Lizard Lounge for some good happy time at a “Pimp and Ho Costume Contest” Never turning down an opprotunity to shake my groove thang, I happily joined him and his girlfriend. But I was lacking one essential piece of the puzzle.

A Ho.

So, I turned to this really charming girl I just met and blurted out, “Will you be my Ho tonight?” After not being able to get in touch with her friends who she was supposed to hang out with for an after party, she grabbed my arm and I took off…complete with my wench … err…ho at my side.

The Pimp and Ho Contest was more than a specticle worthy of wating in the outside drizzling cold for. Some of the people were totally self-expressed in their Pimp-Daddyness. There was even a female pimp, that was quite the Mack Mamma. But they were all infinitles compared to the Mack Daddy of the Pimp Daddies. He won first prize.

And then came the Ho’s:

If you can pay close attention to these next few pictures, you will see that just about every male fantasy was present on stage. Heck, there was even two girls that flashed. You like Zebra’s? They had them. Transvestites? Yup. Them too.

Overall it was a great time. My legs are definitely in pain from the football, earlier today, the hours of swing dancing, club dancing and standing around. Thankfully, I had little enough sense to say, “Hey, Maybe I should take a break.” and went out dancing instead. The rest of the night was spent discussing Europe, Programming HTML, dancing and francais parlant avec Miss Scarlet. (My Ho for the night.)

Life is grand, n’est pas?

Click here if you want to see the whole album.

A good friend of mine, Amanda, and I heard of a really interesting idea.  It’s called a Leftover Party.  The name’s not too appealing, but the idea is definitely curious enough to have me throw one.

The way it works is that you bring a “friend” of yours that you might have dated at one point, but that you think they’re a really cool person, and would recommend to your friends, but there’s just no spark between the two of you.  So, that person now becomes your “undate”.  So, you and undate now go to the Leftover party and meet other people and their “undates”.

Tomorrow, Friday, October the 24th, I’m throwing one of those parties at my house.  Theoricly, it would be half and half guys and girls, but so far only 3 “couples” are coming.  🙂  Hopefully, there’ll be an even amount.  Regardless, I know it’ll be a blast.

And next week?  STUDIO 54 PARTY!!!  The place to be in Dallas on Nov 2nd.  (I was also told there’s going to be a Pimp and Ho party this Saturday, so Disco Stu could get a lot of visibility the next few days.  Which is good, because he’s been sitting in the closet for quite some time lately, itching to shake his grove thang.)


Many years ago, some friends of mine and I created a monster. This monster has become known throughout the globe as Disco Stu. Disco Stu, some say, is my alter ego. But I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that Disco Stu is more than an alter ego. He’s a modern Disco diety. And all the women worship him.

Anyway, two years ago, Disco Stu signed up for a costume contest at Kempi’s night club…and won!…$500 smacks! Needless to say, everyone was impressed by this feat. But Stu knew that it was from the power within.

The following year, while I was living in Paris, my good friend Patty K., took over the contest by wearing a costume caked in blood and bobbing birds, imitating the movie “The Birds” and walked out of Kempi’s half a grand richer. Needless to say, she’s been bragging about it for almost 365 days so far. Well, those bragging rights are about to be over, because Stu’s back in town.

Here’s a bit of banter back and forth that Patty and I had regarding the upcoming Kempi’s Hallowwen party this year:

Patty (via Mary Muldoon): You will EAT MY DUST and the feathers too.
Tommy: WOMAN! You betta RE-CO-NIZE!!! Just wait until the Mothership of F-U-N-K comes landing on your doorstep. Then we be seeing who be eatin fethas!
Patty: Okay Mr. Funkmeister – we’ll just have to see who RULES !
I got fresh birds, and word has it – they eat FUNK for lunch! And they’ll be plenty hungry come Halloween eve!
We’re out for Bloooooood Baby!

Tommy: From the Eastside to the Westside, everybody knows that when I shake my
Southside, the women start going Tommyside.
There ain’t NO way, you’ll be getting your hands on my green. It’s mine, and you betta get it through your skull, honeychild.

Peace, Love and Fro’s,
Mr. O. (as in the Big One.)

As you can tell, this will be an awesome place to be at on Hallowween. If you’re interested in joining us, let me know.

My evening consisted to two totally awesome parties on completely different ends of the spectrum.

I started at the Fox and Co Investment party, where I was given free Margarita’s and food. What else can I say? I was in Heaven. The theme was Cowboys, so a bunch of people got dressed up in their typical outfits. And I also learned something…I love women in cowboy outfits.

But it ended on an even higher note as I left that party to go to a once in a year event hosted by the Flying Vintage Museum, called the Hanger Dance. This was a truly magnificant site to behold. People decked out in their vintage outfits, a live Big Band a B-17 behind them, and pinup girls on the walls. I had missed it the past 3 years I knew about it in Dallas, but I will be sure to never miss it again. Oh yeah…and women in sailor uniforms drive me wild too.

Check out the gallery for pictures to both. Hanger Dance Gallery and Fox and Co. Party Gallery

If you’re already seen any of his movies, (5th Element, The Messenger, The Professional, Le Femme Nikita), then hopefully you already know this. However, his latest movie “The Transporter
kick much arse. (I’m trying to refrain from cursing, because I found out
that my mom REALLY DOES read my website. :) Thanks mom.)

Not to ruin any part of the full movie experience for you, I’ll tell you what myself, Lee and Matt learned from it:

  • How to hotwire a Mercedes
  • How to hotwire a human (or the machine that goes PING!)
  • How to hotwire the door to someone else’s house.
  • Always keep scuba gear (and a spare attachment) in your basement which is connected to the sewer.
  • Letting female hostages go potty on road trips is a bad idea.
  • And a few other things that could be useful in some unforseen future.
  • When hiding out after attacking the bad guy’s stronghold, watch out for anti-tank missiles
  • Quiet is good. Too quiet is bad.

It really sounds like the main character read my friends’ “Rusty” and Sarah’s “Worst Case Scenerio” book and was prepared for everything.