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THAT bridge

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Every time I come back from Denver, I rave about how I want to move there. After Germany, it was the same thing. Now San Francisco.

One of the benefits of working for a big company is training. That benefit is especially kickass when it involves a city that has good dancing (Lindy and Blues) every night of the week. A city that complains when it hits 78 degrees! This is my type of place!

Unfortunately, it’s everyone else’s place too. 1 bedroom apt (1/3 my current sqft-age) costs twice my mortgage. Dammit.

Meanwhile, they passed on me for jury duty. I’m somewhat relieved, but would have enjoyed the experience. I think the breaking point for me was when they asked “Would you be able to enforce the maximum penalty (1st degree felony 20-99 years) if you knew it true?”

“99 years for selling (less than 200g of) drugs?! That’s longer than the average life expectancy! A better question is what could possibly be that bad to enforce that type of punishment?”

Yahoo! continues to treat me well as I continue to become an even greater techie badass. (And possibly move to CA. 🙂 )

— Snoopykiss is currently re-building a Star Destroyer. But he plans to use his powers for awesome.

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